4 Steps to Lose Your “Pooch”

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Who likes a pooch? No, I’m not referring to your family pet… I’m talking about the #1 most-complained-about area on a woman’s body, the dreaded flesh fanny pack. Even with a toned, leaned-out body, you might feel like your figure isn’t going to reach that next level of aesthetic perfection without a flat, flab-free stomach.

As an area of the female body that contains the highest concentration of “stubborn fat” cells and often being the first place a woman stores fat and the last place she burns it, the lower abdomen can be a frustrating headache to get to the desired condition, or even prove itself to be completely unattainable—until now that is! If you’ve gotten yourself into good shape but still can’t seem to get rid of that last problem area, you’ll want to check out these time-proven tips that I and other health professionals use with our personal training clients!

Pooch-Pulverizing Trick #1: Strengthen the Core!

The core is not only responsible for maintaining your posture, but also for holding in your organs. Perhaps the easiest way to get quick results in the pooch department is to strengthen the transverse abdominis, the muscle that wraps around your torso, and the pelvic muscles responsible for stabilizing your pelvis. Strengthening the transverse abdominis will allow you to keep your stomach “sucked in” at all times, while strengthening your pelvic muscles can help prevent excessive forward pelvic tilt, which can position the spine in such a way that it exaggerates your tummy’s protrusion. Exercising the core is important in general as the core is the foundation from which movement occurs.

Pooch-Pulverizing Trick #2: Low Carb It!

Most of you who have read my blog for a while or spoken to me directly about nutrition know that I am not a fan of removing carbohydrates from the diet unless it’s for temporary purposes, such as preparing for a wedding, photo shoot or competition. However, with responsible use, a low carb diet can be VERY effective at getting the last few lbs of fat off, particularly in the more stubborn areas such as the pooch.

Pooch-Pulverizing Trick #3: Become a Cardio Monster!

On average, women have a harder time losing body fat than men. Don’t blame me, blame nature. This means that in order to lose those last lbs of fat, you’re going to have to step the cardio up. I have my clients perform cardio 6 days per week as they approach their deadline to ensure their metabolism is revved up as much as possible. Additionally, cardio increases blood flow to the fat cells, which is critical to removing the fatty acids once they’ve been mobilized. Without cardio, you’ll often experience a “weight loss plateau”—a period of time where you’re not losing any weight even though you’re sticking to your nutrition plan.

Pooch-Pulverizing Trick #4: Stay Hydrated!

While it seems counter-intuitive, the more water you drink, the less your body holds onto. When the body holds onto water, this is commonly known as water retention or bloating (if the water is under the skin rather than in the muscles, that is). If you’re not drinking enough water, your body is going to hold onto any water it does get in order to maintain hydration of your cells, maintain your blood volume, lubricate your joints, etc. One of the best and easiest ways to reduce your pooch is to assist your body in shedding water weight by increasing your water intake. Drink at least 96 oz of water each day, but shoot for closer to a gallon if you can.

Bonus! Pooch-Pulverizing Trick #5: Perform High Intensity Weight Training!

Resistance (weight) training is beneficial for many reasons, but when performed at a fast pace and with very high intensity, can actually be as effective at raising the heart rate as cardio. Thus, while trying to lose those last few lbs, using your resistance training routine as a second round of cardio for the day can mean the difference between sub-par and optimal results. That is one reason that CORE Condition, my women’s bootcamp in Costa Mesa, includes three days of high intensity resistance training in addition to all-cardio days. If you live in the Orange County area, come check us out, otherwise you should look for a similar program in your area that can help you get rid of the pooch once and for all!

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  1. Abby

    How long will this take?

  2. Everyone is different, so that question can’t really be answered accurately. You should definitely start seeing a difference in a few weeks with focused effort though.

  3. Kay

    Hi. I just read an article I guess you wrote on juice fasting… Its old but new to me. Then saw a link to losing your pooch… I’m a girl so of course I had to look. Anyways if I can as a few questions on both.

    1st old juice article. Seems your main aggravation was towards “companies” claiming miracles of juice fasting on their product? Not so much people juicing or fasting on their own? I am not educated in any sciences or medicine but I do study food and what their benefits are for myself and family. I’m interested in your opinion.

    Although we eat the same thing for our main meals I feed each of us different and take different supplements I as a woman at 5’21/2″ 110lbs doesn’t need the same thing as my husband at 5’11” 190lb and our boys 10/11 years old need different things than we do. Which many people think I’m far to extreme the human body needs all the same things I firmly disagree I don’t need the high caloric intake if my very active skinny children playing football and jiu jitsu among their regular activities, skate boarding bike riding airsofting… Anyways back to my point… We began falling into bad habits being tired and getting lazy I usually cook clean meals three times a day plus snacks but as we got burned out we’d grab burgers, wraps dinners out extra eating lots of meats carbs and grains less veggies and fruit. I went up to 122lbs. I felt awful. It was like fitting 10lbs of potatoes in a 5lb sack getting into my clothes. My joints ached got headaches and just felt like crap. I did a sweep of our house getting rid of all junk getting back to my previously good habits… Problem was I developed bad habits that were harder to break. Munching, cravings and urge to eat something high fat with the mind set my body must need it if I’m craving it. Well I did the master cleanse not to lose weight but to flush myself cleanse my pallet so to speak. I did it for 7 days and followed with a two day water fast and the tenth day began reintroducing nutrients to my body by juicing at home with fresh fruits and veggies and drinking orange juice fresh. Now, this is my experience. Day one no major struggles I didn’t feel bad and realized most of my cravings were mental… I reached for a snack dozens of times in a the day when I wasn’t even really hungry. Didn’t realize I did that. Mind you I maintained the rest of the household on the same schedule meaning cooking meals making lunches so on and I’ll add I didn’t even lick my fingers for a taste haha. So, day two I wake at 4:30 am with my hubby everyday. Usually I’m tired sad that the alarm went off. I’ll add I have horrible sleeping issues. I don’t eat late and since a child dream so much I can’t sleep well wake tired or fall asleep fast wake after about 4hrs after unable to go back to sleep. Anyhow woke up energized to my surprise and slept through the whole night didn’t even wake up with hubby moving. No energy low through the day. The rest of the days were the same. No energy low. Realized that a lot of my cravings/needs were mental or emotional. I felt empowered that I do have the ability to tell myself no and not feel deprived. By the end I did lose 9 lbs. again not the point but didn’t make me sad. I got back into my jeans that I couldn’t get over my bottom for nearly a year. Yes I realize going up one size wouldn’t be the end of the world but it would be a stepping stone to excepting letting myself go. So first day off fast I feel good. I juice for the day lots of greens mixed with fruits and other veggies. Never tasted so good!!! Day after raw steamed veggies fruits and juicing don’t remember veggies being so flavorful with out salt and butter!!! By third day off I feel I can eat animal protein and whole grains. Two weeks out. My bowl movments are still much more regular disposing of each meal versus previously taking in 3 meals a day and only having one bowl movement. Thinking that was healthy and normal but that’s three meals going in and only one coming out. Oh also during the cleanse after three days of not eating I was surprised to still have fecal waste coming out day five same day 7 nearly none. That’s with no food. So say what you will that there’s no bile sticking to your insides that’s proof enough to me. Anywho, two weeks out and eating regularly drinking plenty if water I’ve been able to start fresh with food implementing better habits to my diet and breaking my bad relationship with food. My weight stayed fluctuating between 113.8-115.1 lbs depending on time of day meals… since I have not jumped back up to 122lbs. I started exercise and cardio to keep the momentum going and have gotten down to 110-112lbs. Actually after cleansing/fasting processed food/high sugar foods don’t taste as good and don’t settle well so I don’t even want them. I grabbed an oatmeal raisin cookie and a few bites in I couldn’t eat anymore. Before I would have eaten three more with a big glass of milk. My body feels better my skin feels better did my blood work a month before my fast my bad cholesterol was little high good little low triglycerides norm range blood count low end of norm. I did blood work a week after everything was in perfect range and even though triglycerides were norm they lowered still in a good range. My sleeping has stayed improved, I don’t have the bloated gut feeling anymore, no headaches/migraines, joints feel better, lots more energy and now when I take my supplements or healthy food I can feel how its affecting my body where as before nothing felt good nothing helped my energy I was sluggish. Dr said take b fits mind and c eating fruit nothing was having a positive affect and nothing taste good. Also the two inches I lost around my hips and 1 1/4 inch around my waist have not increased either after I began eating after cleanse/fast. My point is I firmly believe that fasting wither or not scientifically proven is very good for you. Not as a fad but as a healthy life style. There are so many things that are from nature that cure and aid in helping our body that science trials studies can’t prove nor disprove and are left inconclusive. Animals fast all the time when to allow their body to use the energy from digesting to heal itself. Over 2500 species can’t be wrong yes we are not dogs and bugs but we are not so far apart as far apart as our life cycle and workings this is why they use certain animals to test things for human safety how our bodies my react… Not that I agree with the method always… Fasting/cleansing is historic way of becoming intuned with your body and mind ridding yourself of ailments so on. Not saying everyone should or have to but saying its a fallacy no benefits or bunk is bunk in itself. I understand the point as far as big companies and I don’t know why anyone would opt to buy a juicing plan instead of just juicing at home… Actual my friend just did after my fast and received no benefits from it but they have to use some kind if processing/preservatives in order to give it shelf like which defeats the purpose of fasting/cleansing and continues I eat other things and tweak it to make it “comfortable” or “easier” you won’t receive benefits. It’s not a diet which I hate when people use the word diet as though it means weight loss you can have a mcdonalds diet or junk food diet diet is whatever you regularly eat. Fasting cleansing should be apart of maintaining or starting a healthier life style a steeping stone to take back control mentally and physically of you body. Our body works how it’s supposed to when fueled with the things it was designed for not derritos pop tarts frozen waffles. None of which I buy. Anyways I’m kinda wordy I guess but I think its important to not just take into account science and medicine even though I’m greatful for advances but there have also been a lot of set backs as man believes they are smarter than nature and want to play god replacing holistic effective approaches to treat many things effectively with lab created drugs many of which don’t fix the underlining cause of an ailment but the symptom leaving people dependent on medications for the rest of their life. Example my husbands triglycerides were over double what is considered normal or healthy. She said the only way to lower them and prevent the problems that will follow if they don’t come down was medication… For the test of his life starting now in his 30’s he said no way and told me to do my voodoo reading and see if there’s another way he’s more western medicine convinced until he’s seen how my health has improved with not just one change but the combination of everything. I did read find studies natural trials and basic diet changes which he refused to give up a few of those things had him do a three day cleanse before implementing all this. End result well as of now we brought his triglycerides down 20% in 30days. Dr said see medicine is working you have to take it I said no he never took it implementing supplements like cinnamon for one that I read about in an inconclusive scientific study, we already eat whole grains and don’t buy sugary snacks so not much changed with diet except adding fruits that were suggested to help aid in regulating this. We are continuing to take blood test every 30 days to make sure it is working. These are not placebo affects these are actual results. I know I’m going away a little from my fasting cleansing but it’s all apart of the same thing to me. Not everything that works can be explained why or proven why our biology is aligned with natures natural resources out body changes with seasons like our skin and blood cells shedding changing. Our bodies are exposed to toxins everywhere everyday that they were not designed to so our systems are not high functioning but over worked. We don’t eat fruits and veggies that are in season that our bodies need we get everything genetically grown so we can have whatever we want year around. All this introduce things in us that a detox/ckeanse/ fast can give our body the break it needs to rest and focus on self healing instead of constant defense mode. A runner doesn’t run indefinitely without replenishing he must pace himself rejuvenate rehydrate and allow himself time to recover between the stress he puts on his body and after each recover period comes back a little stronger refreshed and improved. Our bodies are over ran in today’s society. The whole body is a temple is no more! We treat it like our body is a trash compactor that you never empy out fully. FYI the body breath smelling thing I noticed after a few days I was sweating more doing cardio which I noticed I hadn’t been able to break a good sweat for a while before that but my body Oder lessened I did get a white tongue and talk to a dietician and was told as I had read this is a sign of toxins secreting I just water brushed my teeth extra during the day after about 12 days it returned pink. Anyways I don’t know if you will read my novel on such an old post but I’m interested on your take on my experience. Sorry for any errors typing watching football game and not catching all the auto corrects and such.