5 Butt-Blasting Ways to Tighten and Tone Your Butt

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The butt is one of those areas that many women hate on their own bodies and envy on others’. Whether they feel theirs is too flabby, too flat, or even too large, the desire for a tight, toned rear end is pretty much a universal sentiment among the female population, only surpassed by the mystery of how to actually get one’s rear into such shape! I’ve had a lot of experience helping women improve the look of their rear ends and wanted to share my top 5 secrets tricks with you so that you too can achieve optimal results in your own efforts.

The bottom line is it that all comes down to two main principles, which, if you’ve been reading my blog, may sound pretty familiar to you. One, flab is caused by excess fat and the only way to reduce flab is to reduce overall body fat through appropriate nutrition and a quality exercise program. Two, the firmness and shapeliness of a well-developed butt are due to having muscle in the area, which means you need to blast your glutes with high intensity! Doing some half-assed exercise while talking on the phone or to your friend in the gym is NOT going to cut it… sorry! You need to expend the MOST effort training your weak areas. This means significant volume, significant weight and flawless form! If you’re missing any one of those factors, you simply won’t see the results you want, period.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 secret tips:

Butt-Blasting Secret #1: Cut the Calories!

Cellulite, flab, jiggly butt syndrome—whatever you want to call it—is reduced/eliminated through a reduction in the amount of body fat you carry. As you’ve probably know, spot-reduction (that is, decreasing fat in a localized area through targeted exercise) is a myth—as an example, you may notice a reduction in your breast size when you lose weight, regardless of whether or not you exercise your chest muscles! The unfortunate truth is that we don’t get to pick where we pull the fat from on our bodies—each of our bodies has its own preferred order of where to deposit fat first, and where to remove fat from last. The only way to reduce fat in an area of your body is to reduce your overall body fat, and the only way to do that is to control your caloric intake and to keep your metabolism running at maximum speed.

Butt-Blasting Secret #2: Activate Your Glutes!

In a previous article I wrote about training your brain to communicate more effectively with your muscles through the concept of mind-muscle connection. This is extremely important for the butt in particular because we have a tendency to forget how to use our glutes as we age, thanks to the prevalence of sitting on chairs, car seats and couches all day long! Learning how to flex your glutes and performing such exercises as a warm up before moving into traditional weight lifting motions will ensure that you maximize the effect these later exercises have on the muscle group. You can perform all the lifting you want, but if you aren’t properly contracting the right muscle, you’re not going to work that muscle out effectively at all.

Butt-Blasting Secret #3: The Thighs Matter!

It’s not all about the glutes—you need to tone the area around them as well, which means performing exercises that target your thighs as well. While a reduction in body fat will lean out your whole body, including your thighs (which tend to be another problem area for the majority of women), performing resistance training for the legs will develop muscle to form a well-balanced physique. After all, there’s no point in trading one weak point (a flat or flabby butt) for another (flabby or spindly legs), is there? Might as well bring everything up to par.

Butt-Blasting Secret #4: Squats are King!

Love it or hate it, you cannot escape the squat—it is by far the most-effective lower body exercise in existence—both from a functional perspective and from a body sculpting perspective. It is important to learn to properly activate the glutes before performing squats using secret #2 above, or you will not hit those muscles effectively (your quads will probably overcompensate and take all the stress). A properly-performed squat will not only help develop the glutes, but the hamstrings, calves, core and quadriceps as well. Talk about a big bang for your buck!

Butt-Blasting Secret #5: Up the Intensity!

As mentioned above, you need to hit the weights HARD to get good results. This means increasing one or more of the following factors: weight used, repetitions performed each set, and/or total sets performed. Another great way to increase intensity is to slow the repetition tempo down so that you are spending more time under the load of the weight. A good rule of thumb is, if you finish your last set and your glutes don’t feel pretty worn-out, then you didn’t work hard enough!

Bonus Butt-Blasting Secret: Stand Up Straight!

We should have listened to our parents more as children, because when they repeatedly told us to fix our posture, they were giving us great advice that we likely didn’t appreciate at the time! As we age, thanks to the increasingly-inactive lifestyles we maintain, our posture goes down the toilet. Without a conscious effort to monitor and correct things like rounding our shoulders, drooping our heads and forward-tilting our pelvises, we progress further and further until we reach a point of no return—if you’ve ever seen an elderly person with a large curve in their back who has a lot of trouble simply walking, then you know what I mean. One of the main things that poor posture does is cause your pelvis to tilt in a way that gives the impression of a pooch in the front, and an oversized butt in the back. Simply correcting this pelvic tilt can do wonder’s for both the butt and the lower stomach.

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  1. Jonny

    Get the ideal quantity of sleep. To burn fat efficiently, your body requires at least eight hours of sleep a night. If you feel that you can get by with a reduced amount of rest, you’re wrong. Supply your body time to rest itself, both psychologically and physically. Sleep is very, very crucial (if only for intellectual alertness for the next morning). If you feel tired, that’s most likely your body’s manner of saying: “Require sleep at this moment!”

  2. Dee K

    Unfortunately, some can only get 6-7 hours of sleep, especially when have kids in activities that take up a lot of the evening along with everything else that takes place in the evening (i.e. working out, dinner, homework with the kids).


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