Consistency: The Most Important Factor in Long-Term Success

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It’s day 1 of your new fitness journey.

You have your workout clothes all color-coordinated… your new playlist loaded into your phone… all your first week’s meals prepped and tupperwared.

You’re unstoppable, and visions of your goal body and what it will feel like to achieve it are filling your head 24-7.

You kill your first workout, and eat perfectly your first day. Second day, same thing.

After a couple of days, you can’t help but weigh yourself… and to your delighted surprise, you’ve dropped 4 pounds already! Suhweet!

This just motivates you more and you keep pushing onward… heck, at this pace you’re going to get to your goal a lot faster than you thought!

That weekend you have a couple of beers to celebrate your hard work, and go to bed a bit late on Saturday night.

Sunday you have a little bit of a hangover and feel kind of guilty for going off plan. You weigh yourself in the morning, and to your horror, you’re up 3 pounds from the day you began.

Crap. This isn’t working. All that hard work for nothing!

You try to get back on track during week 2, but since you were hungover on Sunday, you didn’t get around to prepping your meals, so your efforts are not as on-point as they were during your first week.

You weigh yourself every day and your weight isn’t dropping down again. You’re losing motivation fast.

By the end of week 3, you’ve decided that the program you’re on isn’t working, and you give up.

Does this sound at all familiar?

This is what the vast majority of people experience when they go through a fitness journey–due to a lack of understanding that consistency over the long-term is the most important aspect of your success.

We are wired to seek out immediate gratification, and it’s against our nature to remain patient in the face of slow (or at times, non-existent) results.

Yet, this is THE main factor to your ultimate success. Take a look at the following video where I go more into detail on why this is so crucial and how to adopt this mindset.

So what can you do today to improve your consistency?

  1. Focus on your behaviors, not your outcomes: we often judge ourselves on areas we have no real control of–such as the outcomes of our efforts. Better to focus on the behaviors themselves as we directly control that aspect of our program.
  2. Remind yourself of the “compound effect”: significant change is the cumulative result of lots of small changes made over time–not excessive changes made in the immediate term.
  3. Celebrate all types of victories: don’t just focus on the scale–recognize and celebrate non-scale victories as well such as improved workout performance, compliments from those around you, etc.

Doing each of the above will go a very long way towards helping you develop a mindset that will survive the test of time against the inevitable plateaus you will experience from time to time along your fitness journey.

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