Developing a Success-Based Mindset

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Your ability to successfully reach your fitness goals begins with an area that is commonly ignored completely–your state of mind.

In this article I’m going to outline the importance of aligning your beliefs and behaviors with your goals, as well as why it’s crucial to drop any excuses lingering in your mind as to why you can not stick to your commitments and achieve success.

Having a goal is great. Without one, you’re aimlessly wandering without direction, and can never reach a destination because there is no defined destination to reach.

Just having a goal is not enough though, and unfortunately this is where many people stop the process, and then wonder why they’re not able to achieve their goals.

In addition to a goal, you need to know what it takes to achieve the goal (behaviors), and have a firm resolve to commit yourself to those behaviors.

It would be like having the goal to finish a marathon, but not being willing to run–sounds ludicrous right?

Yet, how many times have you set out to get healthy, only to be unwilling to stick to the nutrition you know you need to get there, or to make it to all your workouts when you know you need to go to them to be successful?

See where I’m going with this? Just as it’s important to define your goal, it’s also crucial to define the steps needed to reach your goal.

behaviors have to align with goals

But guess what… that’s not all!

The last piece is probably the primary reason that people fail at their fitness efforts.

You prep your meals for the week, get to the gym every single day, bust your ass harder than you ever have before and stick to your diet 100%.

Then, you step on the scale and see that you gained half of a pound–so you say, “What’s the point, this isn’t working!” and give up. This my friend, is a lack of belief.

Belief in your ability to succeed, in the ability of the program you’re going through to get you to your goal, and/or in the ability of those around you (your support system, coach(es), etc) to assist you in your journey successfully.

Without the belief, the second things don’t go in an ideal direction, you will assume it’s because one or more of those areas above are not present.

So, we’ve identified that it’s crucial to not only define a goal, but to list the behaviors and steps needed to reach it, and then to develop a strong belief in your ability to reach your goal.

Next, I want you to view the video below on why an excuse-based mindset is not conducive to your success.

So what can you do today to get into the right mindset?

  1. Acknowledge your excuses: without admitting that you do in fact have excuses holding you back, you won’t have the awareness to overcome them, so it all starts with acknowledging that you do in fact have negative self-talk you can work on improving.
  2. Replace each excuse with a solution: take some time to think about what you can do to overcome the alleged reasons preventing you from sticking to the behaviors that you need to perform to be successful.
  3. Stick to those solutions: each time the option to use the excuse comes up, consciously choose the solution instead.

Doing each of the above along with defining your objective/the behaviors needed to reach the objective, and practicing self-affirmations to build a strong belief in your ability to succeed will provide an immense amount of assistance towards achieving your goal.

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