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Patty is a busy mom who made a commitment to herself when she came to us to get in the best shape of her life. Like most people who set an ambitious fitness goal, at first she would at times question her ability to reach her goal, but with the help of the team here at TGTN, she gradually proved to herself what a strong, capable woman she is and that she can accomplish any goal she puts her mind to.

Patty is an amazing addition to the fitness family here and we are so proud of her dedication to herself and the amazing transformation she has seen. Not just on the outside, but the inside too, particularly with her ability to hold herself accountable to her nutrition and her belief in herself!

In January 2015 I was in pain… great emotional pain. I was dealing with a triple whammy. My father passed away, my son went off to college, and I experienced a break up from a long term relationship. I was in a very fragile emotional state. I was afraid for myself.

In June, a Facebook friend of mine who is a photographer posted a picture of some of his work, a “well built” dude. Naturally, I commented on the picture and he replied thank you for supporting his work which then led him to tell me that the man photographed was a coach at a local gym, Training Ground TransformationNATION–the rest is history….

Transformation Training was great and I brought my daughter for the rest of the summer.

But I wanted more. I wanted “ripped-ness”. That’s when my goal was born. I wanted to look like a competitor in fitness (but I did not to compete) by my 50th birthday, which was on May 26, 2016. I had 10 months.

I figured that this Goal would keep me busy working on myself.”Time would pass either way, I might as well have a goal to focus on.” I thought to myself.

So in September 2015, I switched from transformation training to Strength Camp.I encountered two obstacles; #1. financials. Well I will just have to give up some other things to fit “cool” into my budget. And, that has been a struggle but with a little talk tunes I think I’ve got that figure it out. #2. 6 AM class.

I don’t even go to work early because I hate getting up early. How will I get up at 5:15? Well, I really want to reach that goal and it’s only three days a week. Coach B introduced me to the sleep app.and was able to manage my sleep more.

Strength camp; I loved it! Here’s where I started,

November 20th 25.6 bodyfat percent, girl push ups, 45lb. shoulder press, 55lb squats. 95lb deadlift, 50lb bench press, 1 set of ab rollers, 05lbs hip thrust, chin ups with purple band.

Late last year Patty was doing band-assisted chin-ups. Now she’s doing 6 without assistance!

Today, I do push ups on my toes, I can shoulder press 60lbs, squat 115, deadlift 115lbs, bench press 85lbs,ab roller 3 sets, hip thrust 195lbs, and use the red band for chin-ups. I’ve come a long way, baby.

I am very happy with my physical transformation, but my mental and emotional physique has transformed even more. As my muscles have become stronger, so has my inner strength. Having the focus on me in a physical way, and not my “feelings” made me stronger and was able to push and tell myself to keep moving forward every day. I still had cry baby days, but I would go for a run or do shoulder presses, leg curls or ab rollers in my workout room and I always felt better.

Almost a year later, and I feel amazing! I took two vacations and wear my bikini proudly! Emotionally, I am in a very stable, peaceful place excited for the future.

My dedication has influenced my children also. My daughter works out more consistently and use MyFitnessPal app to track calories and content. We do not have a junk food in the house and eat real food. My son has lost 14 pounds since January 2016 and has gotten back into weightlifting after getting the “freshman 15” last year at college, (University of Iowa). He sends me pictures of himself flexing all the time!

On New Year’s Eve after a few deserved cocktails, my brother said to us girls, “let’s see those guns!”, he was shocked when I flexed and told me later that motivated him to join a gym the next week!

My advice for someone to begin a healthy lifestyle is to just do it! Commit yourself for a year. Make a big goal then make small goals to keep yourself going to forward toward your big goal. If you over eat one day or skip a few workouts, SO WHAT, get back on the next day, you will not be perfect but as your journey progresses so will your dedication, your strength, your mood, your confidence and BOOM, your body has transformed.

The time will go by no matter what, make yourself more flexible, more powerful and more mobile. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself! My goal one year ago was to have a competitors body then I defined that to 18% body fat and wore Daisy Dukes on my 50th birthday! I would say that I reached my goal, now it’s your turn!

I my gym, I love my gym!

Way to go Patty, and don’t you stop girl! Here’s to the next goal, overcoming the next obstacles and being a wonderful example to others of what can happen when you truly commit yourself!

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