How to Find Time for Fitness, Pt. 1

Posted September 16, 2010 by

One of the main complaints I hear when I talk to folks about living a healthy lifestyle is that they simply cannot find the time to work out—they are too busy to even get through all the necessary daily tasks, much less be able to dedicate an hour and a half to going to the gym for cosmetic purposes! Does this sound familiar to you?

The first thing that I suggest to people who complain about this is that they change the way that they perceive fitness. Fitness is NOT solely for superficial, cosmetic purposes, and I would even dare to argue that it’s not even the primary purpose. A proper fitness and nutrition plan is hands-down the most effective preventative medicine there is. So many problems occur later in life due to poor exercise and eating habits formed earlier in life. Diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and many other chronic illnesses that are commonly seen as the unavoidable reality of one’s elderly years are in fact COMPLETELY preventable!

But unfortunately, jobs, children, the mortgage, weddings, family issues, medical issues… these all seem to take up every free minute of every day and your health takes the back-burner as a result because it isn’t seen as a necessity.  What if I told you that many of the issues that take up your daily attention could be much more efficiently dealt with if you practiced a healthy lifestyle? While you may be thinking this sounds like nonsense, it’s the truth.  Let’s start with your career. If you have a job like most people I know, you are often staying late at the office, working your butt off and still getting buried under an ever-increasing to-do list. This causes you to be totally stressed out and even THINKING about setting foot in the gym while you have work waiting for you probably makes you feel guilty!

However, nearly every one of my clients has had the same feedback for me since beginning their training program; working out on a consistent basis has given them much more energy and focus, which has led to an exponential growth in productivity during the hours they do work. I have had more than one client tell me that since they started working out, they’ve actually completely caught up with their pending to-do list and are now well ahead of schedule, and working fewer hours than ever before! Working fewer hours means more time to spend doing what YOU want to do, and that’s the way life should be!

Additionally, exercise is a very effective stress-reducer. Stress can be one of the most significant negative factors of your health if it isn’t kept in check.  I’m not just referring to sprouting grey hairs here either—colds, flus, muscle strains, headaches, postural problems—the list goes on and on—can all be caused by uncontrolled stress. I’m just throwing this out there, but I’m willing to bet that these ailments also eat up a lot of your time… wouldn’t it be nice to not have to suffer through them on a constant basis?

If you have children then I don’t need to explain how having more energy throughout the day can help you to keep up with them! There’s more to it than that though! Having a consistent exercise plan can help your mind focus better, which can help you stay more organized and increase your time management. Have you ever wondered how some of the most successful people in the world can seemingly accomplish three times that of a normal human? It’s not because they are secretly robots and never sleep—it’s because they have excellent time management skills. Every moment spent inefficiently running from one thing to another will all add up to a large amount of time over the course of days, weeks, months and years. Which, of course, ends up being time not spent doing what you want to do.

In part 2 of this series I will cover how a healthy lifestyle can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line, as well as greatly improve the quality of life you experience as a senior. I’ll also include some clever, easy-to-follow methods anyone can use to fit in a quality workout even on the busiest of schedules!

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