My Goals for 2012 and How to Make 2012 Your Most Effective Year in Fitness Ever

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Here we are, well into the first week of 2012! 2011 was an amazing, transformative year for me, my business, and also for my clients. I was absolutely blown away by some of the results I’ve seen and the effort expended by the men and women I’ve had the privilege of working closely with, and I feel extremely lucky to be in this field and be able to help them achieve these successes each and every day.

Every year I make new goals for myself (and you should too). I like to include goals related to fitness, business and personal development, because I believe it’s important to strive for improvement in all three areas of the mind, body and finances. I also think it’s critical to let others know your goals because that helps hold you accountable, and accountability can mean the difference between yet another failed resolution and one that you can strike out as “Mission Accomplished!” In the spirit of accountability, I am going to include some of my own goals most important goals here.

My first goal is related to fitness, and that is to get back into Muay Thai training this year. I have taken the last couple of years off of training because I haven’t been willing to find the time for it (notice how I phrased that… it’s important to take responsibility for situations where you drop the ball, NOT to make excuses) but I REALLY want to get back into it, so this year I am making that happen. I really enjoy the competitive aspect of the sport, as well as the great conditioning workout it provides. If you guys are ever interested in learning martial arts in Orange County, I highly recommend OC Kickboxing.

My second goal is related to business. My business has progressed IMMENSELY in the past year, particularly in the latter half of 2011, thanks to the amazing mentorship and networking opportunities I’ve received as part of Chris McCombs’ KBL Mastermind group. I’ve come to truly understand the power of group strategizing, especially when it involves highly successful people. Having sat around a table with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, literally, has helped me achieve things I never thought possible in a relatively short amount of time. This year’s main goal for me is to get into my own facility—this is a HUGE goal but I am fully committed to achieving it!

My third major goal is related to personal development, and that is to increase my level of charitable work so that I am doing something at least twice per month for the community. I LOVE giving back and helping others, and try to do it regularly, but sometimes I get caught up in the daily buzz of busy life and don’t put aside enough time for this very important part of what I consider to truly be a fulfilling life. Thus, this year I am going to schedule in semimonthly events ahead of time so that there is no ability for me to forget about it.

So, those are MY goals for this year. What about your goals? No doubt, nearly everyone has a fitness-related goal that they make a resolution to achieve each year… however, unfortunately, most people fail to accomplish it. Why is that?

The major reason people fail to follow their resolutions is because they make unrealistic and/or unmeasurable goals. For instance, a resolution to “work out every single day and never cheat on my diet” is one that is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to meet. Setting such a goal is literally setting yourself up for failure. It’s important to be ambitious with your goal-setting, but within a level of reasonableness. Otherwise, after a couple of weeks you’re going to burn out and say “screw this!” and go back to your old ways. Then, before you know it, another year is down and wasted, and you’re still unhappy with where you’re at physically.

The same thing goes for unmeasurable goals. If your goal is to “look like a fitness model”… well that’s great but what does that MEAN quantitatively? It’s important to be able to measure your goal so that you can break it into smaller (also measurable) parts, that can be tracked so that you can judge whether you’re on track to meet your larger goal or not. Looking like a fitness model is not only subjective, but it’s also an “end” with no “means” to get there. It’s like someone telling you to drive to a city you’ve never heard of and telling you you’re not allowed to use a map or navigation to get there. Guessing your way to your destination (whether geographical or figuratively speaking) is a recipe for failure, because the chance of you NOT getting there is exponentially higher than the chance of you getting there.

By creating realistic goals that can be broken into parts, on the other hand, you’ll be able to track your progress towards your goal, stay motivated, and inevitably achieve it. This is a powerful motivator and will enable you to set even larger goals in the future and you’ll have the confidence to see them through as well.

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