Nutritional Success Starts in Your Kitchen

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Imagine trying to quit smoking cigarettes while working in a convenience store that sells them right behind where you stand.

Or, imagine trying to overcome alcohol addiction while working as a bartender.

My point is, if you’re attempting to unlearn poor habits, nothing makes the process harder than being surrounded by temptations for sabotage.

So, if our goal is to eat better and control portions, one of the best ways we can ensure our success is to start in our kitchen and make sure it’s aligned with our goals.

If your goal is weight loss for example, it likely behooves you to get rid of the cookies, cakes and other treat foods that you would have a tendency to binge on–especially as your body rebels at first against the improvement of your diet and tapering down of calories.

As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Nothing is more frustrating than doing well on your nutrition all day, making sacrifices along the way, only to negate all that hard work by binging right before bed.

Likewise, if your goal is weight gain and you have a tendency to under-eat, then ensuring you have enough food on hand is going to be crucial to ensuring you remain in a calorie surplus each day.

Here’s three things you can and should do to get your kitchen in a state where it’s going to serve you rather than hinder you in your efforts.

Kitchen Makeover Tip #1: Have the Proper Tools

kitchen cookware makeover

The best carpenter in the world is utterly useless without their tools.

Likewise, you can’t expect to be successful on this journey without the proper hardware for success.

Ensure your kitchen has the following items, and if not, go purchase them ASAP (TJ Maxx usually has great prices for these kinds of items):

  • medium and large frying pans
  • medium and large pots
  • a digital food scale
  • a sharp set of knives
  • spatulas, ladles and strainers
  • plenty of tupperwares of all sizes
  • measuring cups/spoons
  • a microwave and/or toaster oven
  • a food processor and/or immersion blender
  • a baking sheet and glass baking dish
  • a cutting board
  • a vegetable peeler
  • a George Foreman-type grill

Kitchen Makeover Tip #2: Remove the Trigger Foods and Replace with Good Choices

Healthy food in fridge

It only takes two steps to clear out your kitchen.

The first step is to take a large trash bag with one hand, and use the other arm to throw anything that is going to make you unsuccessful into the trash bag.

The second step is to tie the bag up and throw it away.

It might seem daunting at first or like you’re “wasting food,” but ask yourself, how can you waste something that doesn’t serve a purpose?

The food you’re throwing away is only there to prevent you from getting to your goals, so getting rid of it is not a waste–it’s an investment!

Now that your kitchen is cleared of problem foods, fill it up with better choices.

If you need ideas, take a look at this nutritional category list to get you going.

Kitchen Makeover Tip #3: Prep Your Foods

food prep for nutrition success

Raw, unprepared foods stocking your fridge and pantry aren’t going to get you to your goals on their own… they need to be prepared first.

Don’t make the mistake of spending a bunch of money at the grocery store, only to bring everything home and allow it to sit uneaten in your fridge till it goes bad.

Put aside an hour or two on the weekend and make foods in bulk–it takes the same amount of time to cook one chicken breast as it does to cook a whole batch, or to chop up one serving of vegetables as it does to make half a week’s worth, etc.

Put meals in Tupperware and stack them up in the fridge.

Staying on track once you’ve prepped your foods is almost effortless–especially when combined with the lack of temptations in your house to enable you to sabotage your results.

Remember, this information is only useful if you apply it, so take some time right now to plan your kitchen makeover, and then get it done!

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