Orland Park Personal Trainer Explains Why Jennifer Aniston Swears by Her Fitness Coach

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The tabloids have been reporting that Jennifer Aniston recently flew her personal trainer out to Hawaii for the filming of the movie Just Go With It. While gossipers (haters) are debating wildly on the internet about whether this means Ms. Aniston is too paranoid about getting out of shape, or has body issues, I think in truth it’s much simpler. Jennifer Aniston simply understands the importance of remaining fit and also recognizes that having an experienced health professional who is familiar with her goals as an at-hand resource is priceless.

Regardless of how anyone feels about Ms. Aniston’s self image, one thing can’t really be argued: she has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, 40+ or otherwise. As she has made clear in many interviews about her fitness training regimen, she certainly didn’t achieve this body through inactivity, starving herself, or attempting to hack her way through workouts on her own. She actually gives all of the credit to her personal trainer, who she has said is responsible for molding her body into the legendary figure that it is today.

Anyone living in Orland Park who is serious about achieving their best possible physique should take note from Jennifer Aniston’s example. While it is certainly possible to achieve success on your own, the road leading the way there will be exponentially easier, safer and less frustrating with a high quality Orland Park personal trainer by your side.

Jennifer Aniston’s personal trainer has her perform a variety of exercises, such as bodyweight movements (calisthenics), free weight training, flexibility training and core strengthening exercises to ensure that she her fitness program is well-rounded and addresses all of the different areas of health. Your Orland Park personal trainer should design a similar program for you—one that focuses not only on strength and body composition, but also on increasing your range of motion, decreasing any movement-triggered pain and improving your posture.

It’s important to know how to weed out the sub-par Orland Park personal trainers so that you don’t waste your time and energy training with someone who isn’t going to get you optimal results, and even worse, may unintentionally set you up for an injury. It’s crucial to ensure that any trainer you hire maintains a nationally-accredited certification (such as through NASM), maintains their CPR/AED certification and has ample experience working with clients who share your specific set of goals.

Because nutrition is such a large part of your success formula, it’s equally as critical that you find a Orland Park personal trainer who integrates nutritional counseling into his or her training program to make sure that you achieve maximal results. Do not settle for any random trainer that can be found at one of the large chain gyms—these individuals are often unqualified, inexperienced and more focused on trying to sell you expensive supplements than on taking the time to educate themselves (and subsequently, you as their client) on proper nutritional habits.

Remember, you need to be vigilant in your search for the absolute best trainer for your specific needs. If you choose carefully, you will find yourself with an excellent trainer who can easily help you attain your ultimate fitness goals, just as Jennifer Aniston has attained hers!

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