The ULTIMATE Training Guide For 5k Mud Run DOMINANCE

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The internet’s ONLY complete, 12 week, step-by-step manual for 5k mud run training.

Unlike regular running events which solely involve cardio endurance, mud runs introduce a whole host of other physical challenges that can tire out even the most seasoned runner. Unless you incorporate an integrated training program to address each of the areas that will be involved in your event, you are NOT going to complete the race in an optimal time.

If you’re interested in not only participating in, but seriously DOMINATING an upcoming mud run near you, then you need to download this 47-page beast of a guide in which I lay out, day by day, exactly what you need to do to prepare for your event and absolutely crush the competition. This is a training program that was previously ONLY offered to my personal training clients!

In it you will find:

  • Daily workouts designed to develop your performance in 9 different areas
  • Injury prevention and common athletic training injury treatment
  • Printable workout sheets so that you can keep track of your progress from start to finish
  • Bonus exercise glossary with nearly 20 pages of exercise instruction, as well as regressions and progressions

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