Our Services

This page includes the various online coaching services that are offered through Ballinger Athletic Performance.

Inner Athlete Academy: 6 Week Transformation Challenge

Change your body and your life! This is a 6-week lifestyle transformation program designed to teach you the sustainable habits you need to know to obtain (and retain) the health and physique that you desire. Forum-based, accountability-focused and in group format, this program is fast-paced and designed for those with the goal of weight/fat loss, who have a “no excuses” mindset and who are ready to completely revamp their body and mind. If you’re interested please contact us to schedule a consultation call.

BodyCARVE Academy: 6 Week #InstaFit Challenge

Learn the secrets that only the “Instagram Fit Chicks” know! This is a 6-week advanced fat-loss program designed specifically for women who are already at or near their goal weight, but want to get incredibly lean and muscular. This is a great fit for fitness competitors (bikini or figure), current or aspiring fitness models, exotic dancers, or any other woman who wants to look the part. If you’re interested and a good fit, please contact us to schedule a consultation call.

Private Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Our private coaching program includes priority access to your coach and a completely individualized approach to your fitness programming, nutrition implementation and accountability. This option is only available to clients who have successfully completed one of our 6 week challenges.