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This website has been designed as a way for the Ballinger Athletic Performance team of coaches to share their ideas on a grander scale with anyone who is interested in filtering out the hype, false promises and general nonsense that is promoted by much of the media and many individuals in the fitness and nutrition industry, and instead focusing on simple, effective and proven strategies for fat loss, muscle gain and improvements in levels of strength, endurance and energy. Please take a look around and enjoy the website!

Ben Ballinger (Coach B)

Ben Ballinger is president and founder of Ballinger Athletic Performance. As a certified trainer and strength & conditioning coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and certified sports nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition, Ben has over a decade of experience working with clients of all types to unleash their full potential and achieve optimal health, physique and performance through his online coaching programs, Orange County, California-based gym Training Ground OC, and his Chicagoland-based Training Ground TransformationNATION.

Ben earned his Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Davis, having planned to enter the field of corporate business, but after a couple of short years living the cubicle lifestyle, Ben realized that office politics and mindless busy work weren’t his passion. Having been a multi-sport athlete (including football, track-and-field, wrestling, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and fitness enthusiast for most of his life, as well as having trained friends, family and coworkers throughout college and afterwards, in 2009 Ben decided it was time to walk away from his corporate life and focus his energy on pursuing his true dream instead—building a fitness and nutrition business based around helping people transform their bodies and unleash their inner athlete.

Ben has undergone extensive fitness and nutrition training, having achieved certifications and taken countless courses in areas of athletic performance training, physique-based training, sports nutrition, corrective exercise and strength and conditioning. He continues to regularly take classes, workshops and continuing education courses in an effort to always stay on the cutting-edge of the fitness industry and to provide the best possible results for his clients.

In 2010, Ben started CORE Condition, Orange County’s first athletic conditioning fitness camp that allowed him to expand his reach to many more people than personal training alone could. In mid-2011, Ben formed Ballinger Athletic Performance and began working with clients all over the US as an online fitness and nutrition coach, specializing in fat loss and competition preparation. With hundreds of successful client transformations under his belt, both locally and nation-wide, Ben opened his fitness facility Training Ground OC in mid-2012, where he transformed bodies, helped break mental barriers and change lives every day till he moved to Illinois at the end of 2013, where he opened his second training facility, Training Ground TransformationNATION in mid-2014.

Ben’s ongoing mission is to provide quality, effective training and nutrition advice that stands out in the sea of misinformation and pseudoscience that currently plagues the health and wellness industry as a whole. Ben’s results-driven training methods and his focus on adding maximum value to his clients’ experience with him have proven to be extremely popular with his community and have helped him create a loyal tribe of athletes who follow his methods as a lifestyle choice on a daily basis. Ben believes that everyone has an athlete within them, waiting to be unleashed, and it’s each person’s responsibility to put themselves in a position to allow that inner athlete to come to the surface. This is the philosophy that Ben lives by and teaches his clients to live by as well.

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Katarzyna Ballinger (Coach Kas)

Katarzyna Ballinger (Coach Kas) is the manager of Training Ground TransformationNATION. She was introduced to sports as a young child due to her father’s remarkable skill in tennis, skiing & ski jumping, running and everything in between. At the early age of 4, Coach Kas learned how to play tennis and ski while spending a few years of her childhood living in Colorado.

Coach Kas, like most in the area, is a Stagg Alumni. She played Varsity Tennis starting Freshmen year and took on the top Singles position throughout her four years there. She continued to play tennis at MVCC, where she fell in love with weight lifting when she noticed a drastic improvement on the court. Since then, she has taken fitness to a much further level and has competed numerous times as a bikini athlete in both NPC and WBFF bodybuilding federations, most recently placing 1st in a July 2015 event.

Coach Kas’ vision is to help the community live life in a positive and healthy way, and she made the health industry her career when she realized how amazing changing someone’s life can be. After committing herself to hundreds of hours of research, certifications and working in the field at the original Training Ground OC, Coach Kas has grown to become a world-class coach who works with a variety of athletes with different goals, strengths and weakness.

Coach Kas’s specializes in training female natural fitness athletes who are looking to dominate in bikini and figure-level natural competitions, whether they’re first-timers or more established competitors.