Rhonda’s 12 Week Weight Loss Journey: Weeks 11 and 12

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Over the past 12 weeks we have shared our client Rhonda’s trials, tribulations and victories as she has candidly given us a first-hand look at what it’s been like for her on her health and fitness journey.

Too often, weight loss is sold as something that is (or should be) “simple and easy,” but as we all know, it isn’t. Weight loss takes trial and error, patience, and most importantly, the ability to get back up on it after you fall off the horse.

Hopefully this series has provided a more realistic view of what it’s like to commit yourself to a newfound weight loss program and has shown that with persistence and determination, you can and will reach your goals.

In Rhonda’s final entry, we continue on from her Weeks 9 and 10 Diary

Hello All! My 12 week challenge is officially over, however my journey will still continue on! I feel well, I don’t want to say that I have crushed this challenge, because I totally did not. I didn’t fail either. I have mini successes in weight loss at least. The inches seem to be slower to fall off.

As, I have stated previously, this probably was not the best time, personally, for me to have done this, but I wanted to try it. Now, I know this is something better suited for me in warmer weather when I am able to get outside more and not feel so cold and sluggish! I am highly anticipating warmer weather, so that I can take my three mile walks outside during my lunch breaks!

I feel that being able to work-out in the morning as well as the afternoon is super beneficial to me regarding losing weight and getting more exercise in than I do the whole rest of the year. This spring/summer beyond walking, I want to start jogging to increase my heart rate and kick up my endurance and stamina. I feel that will help me in class to get more repetitions in than I have.

Speaking of being at TGTN in the aspect, I’ve thought about bringing a little notebook and recording my progress on repetitions as well as weight I am lifting whether than be barbells, kettle bells, the straight and trap bars and the sleds (more pulling than pushing). I do not want to be a body builder by any means, but I want to be able to lift significant amounts of weight just to say that I can. Also, I know that lifting helps with toning and I want to be one toned badass women come this summer.

Come hell or high water, I am super determined to reach my goal weight by the end of June. Once I do, my gift to myself is a trip to Miami Beach with my man for at least five days of fun in the sun and sand. Maybe I’ll even be brave enough to take part in a beach volleyball game, who knows!

I will try this challenge again probably come April, which is less than two months away. I believe doing it again then that I will CRUSH it and reach my goal and maybe a bit beyond, only time will tell!

I know I haven’t had as many success as I would have liked, but either way I do hope that I have still motivated or inspired some of you to start your own challenge or at the very least try TGTN! My failures are my own and my successes are both me and TGTN. I can’t tell you how much this place really cares about your well-being as their main focus is helping you reach if not soar past your goals, whatever they may be!

Please continue to live well and treat your body with respect. Yes, I know that we only have one life to live and should live it up how we want, but you must also remember that you have only one body to live in, so make sure you treat it how you’d want to be treated. Sounds funny, right? It doesn’t make it any less true!!! :o)

Congratulations to Rhonda for making it through her 12 weeks, and she’s not stopping here. She’s already set her next 12 week goal and we are excited for what she’s going to accomplish moving forward.

Thanks for being an awesome TGTNFamily member Rhonda!

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