Rhonda’s 12 Week Weight Loss Journey: Weeks 5 and 6

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What does it take mentally, physically and spiritually to successfully reach your weight loss and health goals?

Follow along with Rhonda Guzman and she addresses this question in her 12 week journey as she takes control of her weight, health and happiness by investing the time and effort into following a workout and nutrition program at our training facility.

Each week, Rhonda will update us on how her program has been going and what’s going through her mind as she jumps into the journey with both feet.

Continuing on from Rhonda’s Weeks 3 and 4 Diary, here’s parts 5 and 6…

Week 5: Now that the super tempting, aroma filled holiday air is now past us, I can surely get back into the swing of things.

I did overindulge a bit too much as my sugar addict came out and wanted more, more, more and I did, did, did before I knew consciously what I was consuming!

I did get rid of one full pound of the seven I put on over the Christmas weekend, so I guess that’s a plus in its own right, even though I should have been getting rid of an additional seven instead of finding them. Oh, the holiday/sugar rush struggle!

I am back at it today and with a new found gusto! I was watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” last night and fully realized that my behind just about mirrors Khloe’s. I know, I know, some of you are reading this and rolling your eyes, but what can I say, I absolutely love that fabulous family and they are gorgeous to boot.

Anyhow, this was my thinking process, if she has a natural behind that healthy looking and can maintain a fit appearance beyond that, well then there is hope for me yet! Which, yes, I know there is ALWAYS hope, it’s just up to you to push through and make it a reality, but when we physically see a person sort of kind of built like us that is a smaller size, to me it’s like the heavens have opened and hope has flooded down upon me in a sense.

Obviously, I want to look like me, because I am not half bad looking if I do say so myself, (ha!), but it helps mentally, for me anyhow, to see that someone’s body type is close to your own.

This last eight weeks is going to be me powering through workouts and being strict to my eating plan. Doesn’t sound too difficult, and it really isn’t, it’s always the damn temptation and me not having enough will power to tell myself sternly, NO.

I’ve often thought about meditating to bring stress down and to be more relaxed, as I do not believe I relax one bit not even in sleep. I need something to help ease my mind and wind down when the day is over as I am nonstop from 5:30 a.m. all the way until 9:00 p.m. daily.

I have to make some quiet time for myself and I have to get more sleep. Those are two things I am super focused on for myself this year. I’ve done so much to help others and have always put myself last.

If I am not at my best for me then how can I possibly help out someone else with what they may need? While I have been working out steadily for eight months today and my eating has been ok, I can do more for me and I am starting today.

I will be weighing in later this week and I am hopeful that I will have good news to tell. Happy New Year, Everyone!

Week 6: Let’s see, I did get rid of the last 6 pounds I put on from overindulging, plus 2 and I am so happy about that. I wish I didn’t live my life by the scale, but I do.

I can’t get around being super focused on that darn number. I have to find a way to allow myself to be consumed as it is driving me crazy and I get mad at myself often.

It goes up, I feel guilty. It goes down, I feel great.

Alas, stress is still a major factor for me now more than ever. I’ll be packing and moving in just over two months, and while moving is an exciting venture, mine is also upsetting and somewhat unnerving as more than likely it will be my very first time on my own.

While living alone may be freeing it will also be terribly lonely and sad after living with someone very special to you for the past three years who is still a huge part of your life. At least I have my dog (I guess)!

Getting back to my wondrous journey, my eating has been on track as well as my working out, but I feel like I need to do more to make that number (there it is AGAIN!) move farther down to the 200 pound mark. Going through this journey has opened my eyes even more to know that is really is 100 percent no question, all about what you place in your mouth to eat.

I can’t lie and say that this has been easy peasy, because it has not been in any way, shape or form. Going to the gym daily is the easiest thing that I do in life right now as we speak.

At least I have two good habits going for me that are very physically important to be healthy. I feel that my stamina and endurance can definitely be a lot more than they both are right now.

I mentally have hit a wall this week and I am trying to get myself to get with it and take on everything that comes my way. Part of me is resistant because of what is going on in my personal life.

The cold, gray days do not help this funk I seem to have fallen into mentally either. Outwardly, I am happy go lucky and super positive in the hopes that it permeates my insides.

I am looking forward to these last six weeks.

After typing all of this I am going to freaking KILL this challenge to the best of my abilities. I am only in a race and competition with myself, so all I have to achieve is greatness and I will.

I know that super motivating push is right around the corner and I am lying in wait patiently to catch it and continue on! Live well :o)

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