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Instagram Workouts from Bikini Competitors are a Waste of Your Time

How many times have you browsed Instagram, Facebook, Women’s Health Magazine, or another website and seen the latest “bikini competitor leg/arm/shoulder/butt workout?”

Images of hard, lean bodies jump out at you from the screen—seemingly-impossible levels of muscle definition on perfectly proportioned bodies with just the right amount of sweat and goosebumps… before you know it you have goosebumps of your own just thinking about what it would be like to have that body for yourself.

At the beach… all eyes on you, super confident in that bikini. Walking into the gym… girls whispering to each other about how you must be a competitor, and coming up to ask you for exercise advice. Fitting into all the tiny little dresses that you want to wear to the club and having them fit your body like a glove. Heck, having ANY outfit you wear fitting perfectly.

Even reading this right now, I am willing to bet the hair is standing up on the back of your neck slightly—and that’s exactly the response that fitness marketers use to lure you in, because if you think a product is going to provide you with that body (and the lifestyle that you imagine comes with it), you’re going to buy the product at whatever asking price, no questions asked! Continue Reading Instagram Workouts from Bikini Competitors are a Waste of Your Time »

Dangerous Curves Ahead: How to Build a Better Butt

It seems like lately, it is all about the bum–it has taken over the internet, literally. This booty-licious trend is one that I actually like. I mean, what female wants a flat, flabby behind? None that I know of! Sure, some abs and biceps will look nice and probably fill out your clothes well–but ladies, you need some curves. The backside is where it’s at… am I right?

Having a great behind isn’t only something to be achieved by professional fitness competitors or models anymore. Every woman on the planet wants one. It is an essential part of our female physique, so it’s important for us not to ignore it. I am pretty sure that most of the time when you check your Instagram feed, you see women who embrace their curves, especially if they’ve worked hard for them.

I am constantly flooded with questions from females asking, “Lucy, how can I get a nice butt?” Well, there is definitely more to it than just genetics, and believe me that when I say that for my own rear, I have put a ton of work into it! This didn’t just happen overnight… and I wasn’t simply blessed with good genetics–I had to bust my ass for my results (no pun intended). Continue Reading Dangerous Curves Ahead: How to Build a Better Butt »

3 Reasons Why Having Good Glutes is Important

We all know the saying, “They ain’t never wrote a song about a small ass.” Having a good backside is something that others notice and appreciate (and that appreciation seems to be trending more and more in recent years), but most people don’t realize the full extent of the benefits there are to having one.

While most people assume that a nice butt is due to genetics, the great news is that through intelligent training, anyone can attain a nicer rear end, no matter what their starting point. In our last article, we touched on some of the most ineffective glute exercises (that for some reason are also the most popular), and in our next article, we’re going to discuss what we consider to be the best exercises for the butt based on real results we have gotten with our athletes.

Here at Training Ground TransformationNATION in our FitCAMP and StrengthCAMP programs (and of course, our seasonal GluteCAMP speciality program), we focus a large amount of attention on coaching athletes on how to properly use their glutes in most of the movements that they do to help them develop the best booty possible that will give them all of the benefits I am about to share with you. Continue Reading 3 Reasons Why Having Good Glutes is Important »

The Top 4 Most Overrated Butt Exercises

When Sir Mix-a-Lot famously stated, “I like big butts and I can not lie”, he was speaking for the majority of men and what they find attractive in this day and age: big booties! So, since the booty is the “bump that’s in,” how can we achieve it?

Like most aspects of the fitness industry, the real answer–lifting heavy with the tried and true exercises–has been bogged down in a mire of fancy, pointless and underwhelming fluff that is designed to appeal to our natural tendency to seek out the path of least resistance (pun intended) with most of the things we do. In this case, the prospect of flailing one’s leg around and barely breaking a sweat sounds a lot more appealing to many people than getting under a barbell and lifting at the limits of one’s ability.

However, if your goal is to actually transform your glutes and build a powerful, sexy and impressive derriere, there is no other way to accomplish it. Performing moves like the ones I have singled out below will do nothing but waste your time–time that could be spent performing effective exercises to shape and tone your glutes! Continue Reading The Top 4 Most Overrated Butt Exercises »

Featured Athlete: From Party Girl to Bikini Bombshell

So, you decided to make a change and bail out on your social group and weekend festivities for a more fit and healthy life, huh? Welcome to the evil side (as I like to call it) because once you’re here-you’re here for good.  (Well for most of us that is).

When I was in college, like most college students, we partied til the morning sun, ate like crap, smoked, drank, and some even passed the line and did some drugs here or there (not me thankfully).  But for the most of us, those days are behind us and we have grown out of that lifestyle—but some of us are still raging all day every day.

When I made my switch over to the “dark side” I got a lot of shit from my “friends”. They went as far as calling me anorexic and seeing my new healthy and fit lifestyle as an obsessive eating and bodily disorder and wanted so badly to “save” me. They even set up an intervention type meeting! Continue Reading Featured Athlete: From Party Girl to Bikini Bombshell »

A Little Sunshine Never Hurt Nobody!

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

“Oh well, gotta just accept it and wait it out.”

I finally got some answers to my current health issues. So, as some of you may know, I have been dealing with extremely bloating, constant fatigue, moodiness, and a bunch of other random and “fall into every disease possible on WebMD”, which have taken over my entire life for the past 6 or so months. H-Pylori is a stomach infection (bacteria)  that causes pain, bloating, weight loss, discomfort, as well as weight loss, which is awesome, right?!

Well not in my case…and thats because I am also dealing with hormonal imbalances that are causing my weight to not really move. I have been an emotional roller coaster, high and low, tired and hyped, all kinds of crazy and I hope to finally resolve these issues—for the sake of the ones around me! 😉 It’ll take anywhere from a few to 6 or so months to regulate my hormones with the right medication, and the H-Pylori will be destroyed within the month with antibiotics. Continue Reading A Little Sunshine Never Hurt Nobody! »

Dealing with the Unknown

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

The last few months have been a struggle for myself, and probably those close to me. I have been going through a hell and back with symptoms anywhere from PMS to IBS to depression and anxiety. Sounds like a party, huh? Not so much. It all started in mid February or so when I started my cut for my next planned, which is now postponed, bikini competition.

The first two weeks of my cut went great! I lost pounds,inches, and even BF, I was stoked! Ben and I went on a very strict, low calorie and carb diet with a refeed day everything 14 days. Sounded easy enough, right? Well, so it seemed… at first. The first week in was tough while we were still adjusting to our new eating habits, but it got easier as the ways went on and the closer to our refeed we got. We had our refeed day planned to the T. Continue Reading Dealing with the Unknown »