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Healthy Fats are Critical to Optimal Health, Physique and Performance

The bad news is that you’ve been lied to all this time about what constitutes a healthy diet, by the very people you trust most.

The good news is today we’re going to destroy one of the biggest myths surrounding healthy nutrition that has likely resulted in MORE obesity, MORE heart disease and MORE hormonal issues than any other nutritional misinformation since the Dark Ages.

I’m talking about the role that dietary fat plays in our health.

“Don’t eat fat! It causes heart disease, high cholesterol and worst of all, it makes you FAT!”

How many times have you heard this? How many times have you gone down the aisles at the store, seeing row after row of “healthy” “low-fat” or “no-fat” options? If they say healthy on them, they must be, right? Continue Reading Healthy Fats are Critical to Optimal Health, Physique and Performance »

5 Reasons Why Grandma Was Right About Vegetables

I hope that you’ve been successfully implementing the previous two habits into your daily life (chewing your food slowly/stopping at 80% full, and adding a serving of protein to each meal). These habits have a compounding effect—not only from simply adding new habits on top of the ones you’re already doing, but more importantly, from the effect of doing the habits week after week.

The health effects build over time and you see a huge return on your investment the longer you stay compliant. That’s the entire reason why we keep these habits simple: simplicity means better compliance… and better compliance means better results. And better results means better confidence, a better sex life (sorry, it’s true!) and more HAPPINESS, which at the end of the day is all that matters.

If you haven’t implemented the previous habits, please bookmark this for the future, and go back and read the previous installments. They’re posted on the Training Ground TransformationNATION blog—part 1 can be viewed here and part 2 can be viewed here. Start with part 1, implement it for a week, then move to part 2, and then finally come back to part 3… and then continue on from there. Continue Reading 5 Reasons Why Grandma Was Right About Vegetables »

Relax, Take It Easy!

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

It seems that these days people are on the go more than ever. There is always some sort of event, class, work event, or just somewhere to be, and you have to get there NOW. In 2013, people have been accustomed to getting everything pretty much done for them on the spot. From online banking to ordering food via the web.

Things have become so easy and instant that we think we are just “too” busy to cook, and rather get in the car and drive blocks away to the nearest drive-thru window and God forbid there’s a 5 minute wait! I mean c’mon, if your food takes less than 5 minutes to be prepped and cooked there might be a slight chance it’s not the best option for you, wouldn’t you agree?

Now in that time that it took you to get in your car, drive to the oh so healthy and delicious fast food joint, you could have easily made yourself an awesome meal at home. Continue Reading Relax, Take It Easy! »

Protein: The Secret Physique Weapon

How’s it been going with the eating slowly and stopping when you’re 80% full? I truly hope you made the effort to implement this habit last week, because if you did, it’s probably almost second nature by now.

Which means that adding another habit isn’t going to be a big deal. Remember, the EASIER a specific program is to follow, the more likely you are to be successful at being compliant over the long run.

This week we’re going to talk about protein, because protein is honestly one area that most people are not focused enough on. We usually hear that American diets tend to contain excessive protein and unhealthy fats, and a lack of “healthy carbs”.

This is because most of the people writing that stuff have an alternative motive, or have no idea what the %^&* they’re talking about. Continue Reading Protein: The Secret Physique Weapon »

A Little Sunshine Never Hurt Nobody!

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

“Oh well, gotta just accept it and wait it out.”

I finally got some answers to my current health issues. So, as some of you may know, I have been dealing with extremely bloating, constant fatigue, moodiness, and a bunch of other random and “fall into every disease possible on WebMD”, which have taken over my entire life for the past 6 or so months. H-Pylori is a stomach infection (bacteria)  that causes pain, bloating, weight loss, discomfort, as well as weight loss, which is awesome, right?!

Well not in my case…and thats because I am also dealing with hormonal imbalances that are causing my weight to not really move. I have been an emotional roller coaster, high and low, tired and hyped, all kinds of crazy and I hope to finally resolve these issues—for the sake of the ones around me! 😉 It’ll take anywhere from a few to 6 or so months to regulate my hormones with the right medication, and the H-Pylori will be destroyed within the month with antibiotics. Continue Reading A Little Sunshine Never Hurt Nobody! »

An Obstacle is Often an Unrecognized Opportunity

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

What would you do and how would you react to something you have no control over? When I started my official competition cut this February 2013, I was stoked to see my improvement that I have been working on very hard for the past few months. I knew that I would see all of the hard work once I got the extra fat off of my body.  My fear was never about not achieving my goals or hitting obstacles that would stop me. In my eyes, there are no obstacles-just excuses.

Ben and I wanted to try a different route this time around that would get me the most optimal results. It wasn’t going to be the easiest plan to follow, but I was determined to stick to it and get the body that I’ve always wanted. So, let me go back a little bit. Before I started my cut, I felt like a “bloated whale” as some of you have read on my Facebook , and couldn’t wait to decrease the amount of food I was taking in. Once I started my cut, I was in a different state of mind. Continue Reading An Obstacle is Often an Unrecognized Opportunity »

Don’t be Fooled by Nutrition Labels!

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

I’ve been wanting to address this topic for awhile now. Today, I just had to man up and actually write about it after seeing something on Facebook that was far from the truth.

Now, I don’t blame anyone for thinking that foods like Special K or protein bars are healthy because companies label their shit “HEALTHY,” or “ONLY 100 CALORIES PER SERVING,” or “LOW-FAT,” etc. It’s no wonder most of the country is suffering from weight issues—we are being tricked into thinking that we are eating healthy when in all reality we’re eating crap!

Let’s take a look a Special K cereal for a second… now, keep in mind, this is my all-time favorite cereal and there was a time where I would eat at least one bowl before bed, thinking that I’m doing my body good because it has “protein” in it. Pshhh, little did I know that I’m only feeding that nasty cellulite city under my ass that I’ve been killing myself walking up those stairs on Cal Sag (this super-steep hill in my home town) to get rid of! Continue Reading Don’t be Fooled by Nutrition Labels! »

Touchdown Dance-Worthy Recipes for Superbowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday… an American event typified by lots of drinking, bad eating (and potentially, copious amounts of loud yelling and arm-punching, depending how into sports your party-goers are). Tons of fun, but not a day that is usually kind to the waist line.

Wouldn’t be it be wonderful if you could enjoy all of those delicious traditional Super Bowl appetizers without feeling guilty and bloated afterwards? Well, all you need are some intelligent substitutes and then you can! Here are a few copycat recipes of your all time favorites made with the freshest and healthiest ingredient options so that you’re not left out during those fun Super Bowl parties!

Let’s start with the number one favorite, PIZZA! Continue Reading Touchdown Dance-Worthy Recipes for Superbowl Sunday »

Post Workout Meal 101

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

Before getting into fitness and researching more about the subject, I—like most people, didn’t know much about the benefits of eating certain foods at certain times. I thought that a post-workout meal meant eating anything my little heart desired after a 15 minute cardio sesh—which is far from optimal. It would be nice, but it won’t get me the results that I desire.

What I discovered is that there are in fact specific strategies that need to be employed in order to get the best results possible from your nutrition (and workouts). Obviously, this all assumes you’re already on top of your eating habits (all the nutrient timing in the world will make no difference if you’re eating McDonald’s every day).

Here are some tips that have helped me over the past year to give me the best results while preparing for my bikini competition: Continue Reading Post Workout Meal 101 »

Starvation Mode: What It Is and Why You Want to Avoid It at All Costs

This may come as a surprise to you, but a large percentage of folks who are overweight and have trouble achieving weight loss actually eat to few calories as opposed to eating too many calories. This can be a confusing concept to grasp, particularly with the media constantly telling us to eat less to lose more. The truth is, effective, permanent fat loss demands a delicate balance of just the right amount of calories—not to few and not too many.

As you may know, if you eat too many calories, that which your body doesn’t use (for repair, day-to-day functioning and for energy replacement), it stores as body fat. Folks who have a food addiction or who don’t watch their portion sizes tend to have this problem, and can certainly have a hard time managing their weight for obvious reasons. In this case, the best solution is to lower the amount of calories they’re eating on a daily basis.

However, many people are on the other end of the spectrum—a situation that can be completely frustrating when you feel like you’re doing everything in your power to reduce your body fat but seeing no (or even negative) results. How is it possible that eating too few calories could halt fat loss? The answer is starvation mode. Continue Reading Starvation Mode: What It Is and Why You Want to Avoid It at All Costs »