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Featured Client: Lisa Bayley

Today’s featured client is Lisa Bayley, a working mother of two from Huntington Beach, CA. Lisa has been a client of mine for nearly a year now, and in that time I have seen her make enormous changes both mentally and physically. She has truly hardened herself into a fitness warrior and has proven to herself that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.

Lisa is a testament to the efficacy of my training program. By following healthy eating habits, exercising on a consistent basis and aligning her beliefs, behaviors and goals, Lisa has lost almost 30 lbs of pure fat, 10 dress sizes and has broken down barriers she previously considered insurmountable. Check out this awesome mom’s story below! Continue Reading Featured Client: Lisa Bayley »

Featured Client: Erin Sadler

Welcome to another Featured Client installment, where I showcase the successes of my awesome clients! Today’s featured client is Erin Sadler.

Erin is a hair stylist who came to me originally as a CORE Condition Fitness Camp client, and then transitioned into a combined personal training and fitness camp program. One interesting thing I’ve noticed with my clients who are hair stylists is that they have a lot of issues with their shoulders—a combination of hovering over their clients all day and having to hold hair dryers up for extended periods of time.

As a side note, when Erin first came to me, she had what I would consider to be a significantly-protracted shoulder girdle—that is, her shoulders rounded forward quite a bit. That’s something we really focused on with our training program and I have seen a huge improvement in her posture, ability to breathe correctly and just how she carries herself! Continue Reading Featured Client: Erin Sadler »

Featured Client: Alex Mendez

As you all know, last month I started a new column on the blog called Client of the Month, where I share the experiences and successes of one of my clients each month. This month I’m featuring one of my most successful clients, Alex, who has lost almost 75 pounds and gone from being obese to successfully reaching his healthy weight, which he is now maintaining not only with lots of intense exercise, but with his newfound understanding of nutrition.

Alex is one of my nutritional coaching clients, a program designed to help people lose weight and maintain it for their lifetime. In conjunction with my bootcamp, Alex has surpassed even my highest expectations and has completely blown me away with his results, drive and motivation! Without further ado, here is Alex and his story of success! Continue Reading Featured Client: Alex Mendez »

Featured Client: Monika Iannone

Alright guys, I have to admit something… while it’s no secret that I friggin’ LOVE my clients and am their biggest cheerleader—after all, I have the awesome opportunity to train some of the hardest-working, committed and inspirational people on the planet on a daily basis—I haven’t been sharing their amazing successes as much as I would like to. Every day I am amazed at what can be accomplished by someone who sets their mind to something, follows the right path laid out for them and sticks with it on a consistent basis. I think it’s high time that I began sharing these awesome stories of personal achievement with everyone else so that we can all be inspired to take ownership and control of our health/fitness and really make a difference in our own lives.

As such, I am going to start a monthly article called “Client of the Month”—each month I will showcase one of my clients, their story, their successes and the sometimes bumpy road that it took for them to get to where they are today. Continue Reading Featured Client: Monika Iannone »

My Goals for 2012 and How to Make 2012 Your Most Effective Year in Fitness Ever

Here we are, well into the first week of 2012! 2011 was an amazing, transformative year for me, my business, and also for my clients. I was absolutely blown away by some of the results I’ve seen and the effort expended by the men and women I’ve had the privilege of working closely with, and I feel extremely lucky to be in this field and be able to help them achieve these successes each and every day.

Every year I make new goals for myself (and you should too). I like to include goals related to fitness, business and personal development, because I believe it’s important to strive for improvement in all three areas of the mind, body and finances. I also think it’s critical to let others know your goals because that helps hold you accountable, and accountability can mean the difference between yet another failed resolution and one that you can strike out as “Mission Accomplished!” In the spirit of accountability, I am going to include some of my own goals most important goals here. Continue Reading My Goals for 2012 and How to Make 2012 Your Most Effective Year in Fitness Ever »

The hCG Diet: Temptations of a Fad

This is a guest article written by Anchorage’s top personal trainer and natural bodybuilder Steph Figarelle:

As a personal trainer who encourages healthy diet choices and a consistent exercise regime for everyone, I have a hard time jumping on the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) diet bandwagon and find the controversy surrounding it frustrating. hCG is a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women in their first trimester of pregnancy, as well as in the pituitary gland of males and females of all ages at a lower concentration. I’ve read several empirical research articles and heard countless success stories from people who have lost a significant amount of weight following this “diet plan,” so I understand that it may have a short-term success rate, however I’m still convinced the diet is a quick fix. Continue Reading The hCG Diet: Temptations of a Fad »

Juice Fasting: Pointless Waste of Time and Money

This article may prove to be controversial, but this is a topic that I can’t stay quiet about any longer and it’s time to blow the lid off this thing. All over the nation, and in Orange County in particular, the trend of “juice fasting” is becoming mainstream and millions of dollars are being spent each year on detoxifying the body through a nutrition plan that consists of juices made from fruits and vegetables. These systems (at least in Orange County) typically cost between $50 and $300, depending on the company you go through and how many days you perform the cleanse for. It all sounds fine and dandy (albeit, a bit expensive) right? So what the heck’s my problem then?

My problem, simply put, is that juice fasting is completely pointless, and the industry behind it is a complete scam. First, let’s look at the claims made by typical juice fasting companies. Continue Reading Juice Fasting: Pointless Waste of Time and Money »

April’s Recipes, Workouts and Q & A Wrap-Up

Below you will find a list of all of the recipes and Q & A sessions from this past month’s newsletters. If you’d like to get these types of articles delivered to your email on a regular basis, please sign up for the Fit Facts Newsletter (and get a free e-report in the process!). Continue Reading April’s Recipes, Workouts and Q & A Wrap-Up »

8 Weeks to RIPPED, Weeks #7 and #8

Well, the last two weeks of my cutting program have come and gone and the results are in—looks like I came very close to my desired goals and I am very happy with my progress over the past 20 months. While 20 months of hard training and dieting to gain 7 lbs of muscle may seem like an unfair trade-off, it’s actually a pretty good accomplishment for an advanced lifter like me who is approaching his fitness naturally (ie. without steroids). I think it’s clear at this point that I am knowledgable enough about my body that I can predict how certain situations will affect it, which is a very good skill to have for long-term weight management.

Coming out of this cut, I am leaner than I thought I would be, and yet at the same time have continued to have personal records on my lifts at the gym, which is great. Continue Reading 8 Weeks to RIPPED, Weeks #7 and #8 »

8 Weeks to RIPPED, Week #4

As I always say, supplementation should be seen as “extra credit.” Just as you wouldn’t do a terrible job on your homework in school and expect the small effect of extra credit to make up for it, you can’t expect supplementation to take up the slack from a crappy diet. To continue the analogy, just as you could do without extra credit completely if you do well on your homework, you can do without supplementation completely as well, provided your diet is on point. Supplementation simply gives a small edge to those who already have their diet dialed in and want that extra little boost. For the general population, this small increase in results probably doesn’t justify the expense of these supplements.

That being said, for my use, supplements can come in handy for a variety of reasons. Continue Reading 8 Weeks to RIPPED, Week #4 »