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The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 4

Before I go into today’s topic I want to just say that if you haven’t gone through the previous 3 installments of this series then there is no point in reading this right now. Go back and read from the beginning starting with part 1, (followed by 2 and 3) implement the concepts from each in order and then when you’re that far, you can come read and implement today’s lesson.

The truth is, even if you stopped at the first three steps and ignored steps 4 and 5, you would still be able to accomplish about 95% (yep—that’s a random percentage I threw in there to sound smart) of your physique-based goals because this step is mainly about optimizing health and the final step is simply icing on the cake once everything else is accounted for.

So again, if you haven’t IMPLEMENTED the first three steps before coming to this step, then stop and go back first and master the first three steps before you do anything else. Continue Reading The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 4 »

Featured Athlete: From Party Girl to Bikini Bombshell

So, you decided to make a change and bail out on your social group and weekend festivities for a more fit and healthy life, huh? Welcome to the evil side (as I like to call it) because once you’re here-you’re here for good.  (Well for most of us that is).

When I was in college, like most college students, we partied til the morning sun, ate like crap, smoked, drank, and some even passed the line and did some drugs here or there (not me thankfully).  But for the most of us, those days are behind us and we have grown out of that lifestyle—but some of us are still raging all day every day.

When I made my switch over to the “dark side” I got a lot of shit from my “friends”. They went as far as calling me anorexic and seeing my new healthy and fit lifestyle as an obsessive eating and bodily disorder and wanted so badly to “save” me. They even set up an intervention type meeting! Continue Reading Featured Athlete: From Party Girl to Bikini Bombshell »

The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 3

So far we’ve discussed the first—and most important—two steps of the nutritional pyramid—habits and calories. These two steps must be implemented successfully before we can worry about steps 3, 4 and 5, so if you haven’t already implemented both of those successfully, I strongly recommend starting at Part 1 and going from there.

For those of you who are already caught up (both with the reading AND the implementation), today we’re going to talk about the 3rd step, macronutrient ratios.

Tip 3. Optimizing macronutrient ratios.

In a way, the term “ratio” is somewhat of a misnomer, only because we don’t really take that approach when initially determining what the macro amounts should be. A better term might be “grams of each macronutrient” but that doesn’t really seem to flow off the tongue quite as well, so “macro ratios” it is. Continue Reading The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 3 »

The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 2

In the first segment of this mini-series on how to best approach nutrition for fast results, I discussed the importance of building your foundation with proper habits before making any attempt to look at calories, macros, food quality, food timing, supplements, and so on.

Today, let’s talk about the second level: calorie balance.

Tip 2. Calories in vs calories out.

How many times have you heard one of the following:

  1. all that matters is calories in, calories out, OR
  2. a calorie is not just a calorie

It seems like one side believes that nothing else matters than calories as an energy unit, because our bodies are closed energy systems and the physical laws of thermodynamics demand that energy not be created nor destroyed—only converted from one form to another. Continue Reading The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 2 »

Staying Fit While Having a Social Life

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

Many people think that fitness enthusiasts lead a very boring and dull life outside of the gym and all they focus on is their six pack and practicing flexing their biceps in the mirror, which may be true, but we still enjoy going out and “living in the moment” just like everyone else. So, the big question is how can we merge the two very different lifestyles together without going against what we believe, and ruining our results that we worked so hard for?

Well this is the way that I do it that may help you guys out if you’re looking to balance your healthy lifestyle with hanging out with friends at happy hour.

The biggest issue people have is going out to restaurants because they think that they absolutely can not order anything off the menu. And maybe at some places this is true, but keep in mind that you can always ask the waitress to put in a special request in for the chef to make your food without the butter/oil/etc. You can get veggies and lean meat pretty much everywhere. The waitress won’t make a fuss about it, and if they do just say you have allergies. Continue Reading Staying Fit While Having a Social Life »

The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 1

Starting a new fat loss program can be rough—not only do you have to deal with extreme “help-me-I’ve-sat-on-the-toilet-and-I-can’t-get-up” soreness from all the new workouts, but results can be slow at first on top of that, because there is a learning curve to nutrition, and as you probably know by now (thanks to my repetitive yammering about the same concept in just about every newsletter), you just CANNOT get optimal results without a strong focus on proper nutrition.

But look, I get it—I had to learn the hard way when I was starting out with my own fitness journey because I didn’t know any better. Sure, for me the journey was more about trying not to resemble the physique and strength levels of a 3 year old Armenian girl suffering from starvation, but that’s beside the point—I still didn’t see jack for results until I put my focus on my NUTRITION first, fitness second. Continue Reading The 5 Steps of the Nutrition Principle Pyramid, Pt. 1 »

An Argument Against Running For Physique Goals

I want to ask you guys a question. If you currently run for fitness, may I ask why?  This might seem like a strange question if your answer is, “Well, because I want to lose weight and stay healthy, obviously!”

This is the same view held by many new athletes that come to me here at TGOC. When we begin discussing their current exercise habits, I very often hear that long distance running is a major component of their program. Likewise, there is usually some event, such as a half or full marathon in the distant future that is being trained for.

And so, my question to them, is why are you running? Are you running because you enjoy running and are a runner? Or are you running because you want to obtain a better, leaner physique and/or stay healthy? Continue Reading An Argument Against Running For Physique Goals »

Want to Be More Successful? Take a Proactive Stance!

If you’re achieving all your health and fitness goals currently, then this article isn’t going to apply to you. However, it might apply to someone you know, so read on anyway and maybe forward it to that person if you think it’s relevant.

In case you haven’t learned by now, I am a complete bookworm and try to read a new book each week if not two per week. I truly believe that the more books you read, the better and more enriching your life will be.

The book I am currently reading goes into detail about the difference between people with a PROactive attitude towards life, and those who have a REactive attitude towards their lives. One of the main subjects discussed in the book is the concept of paradigms, how they shape our perspectives in life, and how they can be changed, thereby allowing us to change our perspective regarding the things that happen to and around us. Continue Reading Want to Be More Successful? Take a Proactive Stance! »

Why 6-12 Week Programs Result In the Most Success

Last week we talked about breaking your large goals into smaller goals and its (positive) effect on success rates. Today, I want to get into it a little more with some specific recommendations for what size these mini goals should be.

So, check this out. I’ve personally found in my experience with our athletes (and myself) that 6 and 12 week goals, and programs built around that time frame seem to provide the best balance of results and motivation.

Why? Simple. It’s easier to stay motivated for a set amount of time than “forever”. When you have that light at the end of the tunnel, you can move towards it at blinding speed instead of the typical yo-yoing periods of high and low motivation that typify the average person’s fitness efforts. Continue Reading Why 6-12 Week Programs Result In the Most Success »

Understanding the Principle of Goal Alignment

I’ve come to realize something during my coaching career—something that, when applied to past situations retrospectively, transforms previously-baffling failures of my athletes to reach their goals into situations of which I have a crystal-clear understanding of the reasons for the outcomes.

See, when these situations initially happened, I would ask myself what went wrong—and it seemed like everything was fine. The workout and nutrition programs were solid. The athlete was a hard worker and seemed to do everything I asked of them.

But, either they wouldn’t get the results they were looking for, or they would burn out after a time and lose motivation. It was frustrating to say the least to see these men and women with such potential lose it all in a seemingly random manner. As a personal trainer in Newport Beach, an area saturated with studios and gyms, it’s imperative that we are able to get the absolute best results for our athletes day in and day out, so of course this issue got me digging into it much further. Continue Reading Understanding the Principle of Goal Alignment »