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Consistency: The Most Important Factor in Long-Term Success

It’s day 1 of your new fitness journey.

You have your workout clothes all color-coordinated… your new playlist loaded into your phone… all your first week’s meals prepped and tupperwared.

You’re unstoppable, and visions of your goal body and what it will feel like to achieve it are filling your head 24-7.

You kill your first workout, and eat perfectly your first day. Second day, same thing.

After a couple of days, you can’t help but weigh yourself… and to your delighted surprise, you’ve dropped 4 pounds already! Suhweet!

This just motivates you more and you keep pushing onward… heck, at this pace you’re going to get to your goal a lot faster than you thought! Continue Reading Consistency: The Most Important Factor in Long-Term Success »

Developing a Success-Based Mindset

Your ability to successfully reach your fitness goals begins with an area that is commonly ignored completely–your state of mind.

In this article I’m going to outline the importance of aligning your beliefs and behaviors with your goals, as well as why it’s crucial to drop any excuses lingering in your mind as to why you can not stick to your commitments and achieve success.

Having a goal is great. Without one, you’re aimlessly wandering without direction, and can never reach a destination because there is no defined destination to reach.

Just having a goal is not enough though, and unfortunately this is where many people stop the process, and then wonder why they’re not able to achieve their goals. Continue Reading Developing a Success-Based Mindset »

Do You Have the Social Support You Need to Succeed in Health and Fitness?

Name the biggest obstacle to the successful achievement of your health and fitness goals.

No, it’s not your genetics. Nope, not your level of knowledge.

It’s not your athletic ability, age, previous injuries, or any of the other factors you’re probably imagining.

Ironically, it’s usually something that initially masks itself as a resource for your success–your social support system.

Because most people aren’t aware of the potential negative effects of a suboptimal social support network, they aren’t looking for the clues that would otherwise help them avoid the downward spiral that causes them to repeatedly fail at the commitments they set for themselves. Continue Reading Do You Have the Social Support You Need to Succeed in Health and Fitness? »

20-Minute Stress Relief Routine

Stress is one of the most under-appreciated functions of the body. Not all stress is bad—in fact some stress is necessary for growth and improvement. Besides, it’s impossible to completely avoid stress as stressful things happen on a daily basis.

Stress becomes a real problem when it’s chronic—in other words, when you’re always stressed out. Frequent, ongoing stress results in elevated levels of cortisol—again, something that is beneficial in small amounts but quite problematic when high all the time.

What does chronically elevated cortisol do? In addition to shutting down the immune system, it results in fat gain and muscle loss, amongst other negative effects. The bottom line is, we need to find effective ways to manage and eliminate stress so that it doesn’t have the ability to produce these negative effects in our bodies. Continue Reading 20-Minute Stress Relief Routine »

Why I Hate the “Women Only” Section

Time to work out. You walk into the gym, and are immediately met with the intense smell of sweat, dirty socks and rubber flooring. All around you, angry meat-heads are violently slamming weights, screaming (in a manner you’re not sure is caused by intense pain or some kind of primitive, primal rage), and storming through the gym with a look on their face that says, “Get in my way, even for a second and I will END.YOUR.LIFE.”

You’re already sweating in anticipation of the awkward, frightening experience you will have in the weight room. You start listening to the voice in your head telling you to come back later to work out, no big deal. No, you say, I’m here, I’m going to do it.

You fumble for your membership key card, which you timidly hand to the front desk attendant who is looking at you with a raised eyebrow, probably wondering why you’re sweating so much even though you haven’t yet started your workout.

After procrastinating for as long as you can in the locker room, you finally take a deep breath and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Just as you’re about to enter the lion’s den, you notice an inviting sign at the opposite end of the locker room. “Women-Only Weights Room” it says. Continue Reading Why I Hate the “Women Only” Section »

There is No Secret Program

“Hey brah, what program are you on?” This is a common question I see asked of my athletes when they’re posting progress photos or just general updates on Facebook regarding the good results they’re getting while coaching with me.

Often these posts will be littered with friends and acquaintances asking the athlete to provide their “program” so that these people can benefit equally in their own fitness efforts (minus the investment, of course). Continue Reading There is No Secret Program »

The Power of a Smile

One thing I notice each year as winter approaches is a general souring of moods amongst people—not within our facility in particular, but just in general.

This might be due to any number of things—seasonal affective disorder, economic concerns as the expensive holiday seasons begin to approach, the increasing rate of weight gain many people experience as summer ends and busy seasons and school season are back upon us… there are any number of reasons that we can feel a little down.

It’s understandable too. Life is stressful and there’s always something to worry about. However, the way we deal with the stress is what makes the difference between those of us who are governed by our stress, and those who choose to determine their own emotions and types of responses to various situations. Continue Reading The Power of a Smile »

You Reached Your Goal—Now What?

So, you’ve reached your goal—now what? Do you go back to the life you lead before buckling down and doing what needed to be done to accomplish the goal you accomplished with such great desire? Or do you set yourself up to achieve something new, something more challenging, something that you know will make you a better person?

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve seen so many people reach their targeted goal “weight” and once they have gotten down to that specific number, they go out and celebrate—not by purchasing new, hot, sexy clothes—but by going to their favorite pizza place, getting a tub of their favorite ice cream, AND gorging at an all you can eat buffet.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I am all for leading a well-balanced lifestyle and enjoying food, but all in great timing of reaching the goal and making sure your old, unhealthy, habits get the best of you. Continue Reading You Reached Your Goal—Now What? »

Staying Fit While Having a Social Life

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

Many people think that fitness enthusiasts lead a very boring and dull life outside of the gym and all they focus on is their six pack and practicing flexing their biceps in the mirror, which may be true, but we still enjoy going out and “living in the moment” just like everyone else. So, the big question is how can we merge the two very different lifestyles together without going against what we believe, and ruining our results that we worked so hard for?

Well this is the way that I do it that may help you guys out if you’re looking to balance your healthy lifestyle with hanging out with friends at happy hour.

The biggest issue people have is going out to restaurants because they think that they absolutely can not order anything off the menu. And maybe at some places this is true, but keep in mind that you can always ask the waitress to put in a special request in for the chef to make your food without the butter/oil/etc. You can get veggies and lean meat pretty much everywhere. The waitress won’t make a fuss about it, and if they do just say you have allergies. Continue Reading Staying Fit While Having a Social Life »

Want to Be More Successful? Take a Proactive Stance!

If you’re achieving all your health and fitness goals currently, then this article isn’t going to apply to you. However, it might apply to someone you know, so read on anyway and maybe forward it to that person if you think it’s relevant.

In case you haven’t learned by now, I am a complete bookworm and try to read a new book each week if not two per week. I truly believe that the more books you read, the better and more enriching your life will be.

The book I am currently reading goes into detail about the difference between people with a PROactive attitude towards life, and those who have a REactive attitude towards their lives. One of the main subjects discussed in the book is the concept of paradigms, how they shape our perspectives in life, and how they can be changed, thereby allowing us to change our perspective regarding the things that happen to and around us. Continue Reading Want to Be More Successful? Take a Proactive Stance! »