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4 Elements of Basic Nutrition

Before you can run, you must walk. Likewise, before you can optimize and perfect your diet, you must fully understand the basic elements of nutrition and how they affect your health and results.

The good news is that basic nutrition is both simple and effective. It’s true that the fitness industry has hopelessly over-complicated nutrition in an effort to justify product differentiation (e.g. “my nutrition system is SO effective because it covers these 3 ‘secret tricks’ that nobody else knows!!!”) that many people feel like they need a master’s degree just to take care of themselves at a basic level.

This is not the case. The fact is I can teach you everything you need to know to cover basic nutrition in about 10 minutes, which I am going to do with this very article. Continue Reading 4 Elements of Basic Nutrition »

Key Nutrients Your Diet May be Lacking

It’s very important to get the full range of vitamins and minerals in your daily nutrition plan, but sometimes this is easier said than done—particularly when you take into consideration the wide variety of empty-calorie foods that plague the modern diet, such as fast food, refined grains, candy and so on. In fact, more than 80 percent of Americans don’t meet the daily recommendations for key nutrients! While a multivitamin can help patch up areas that are lacking on occasion, you should always attempt to meet your requirements with whole food sources before relying on artificial sources.

In addition to helping maintain a healthy immune system, many vitamins and other micronutrients are necessary for hormone production, which means that in order to maintain a healthy metabolism, we need to educate ourselves on how to make smart food choices that allow us to get all those vitamins and minerals we need each day. Continue Reading Key Nutrients Your Diet May be Lacking »