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Easy Nutrition Category Food List

Do you have trouble when it comes to making meal plans for yourself that include enough variety?

When you list out your meals, do you draw a blank and sit there until you get frustrated and give up?

Coming up with a healthy diet approach shouldn’t be difficult or stress-inducing; it should be an easy, pleasant experience.

To help make that the case for you, here’s a list of recommended foods we’ve put together by nutritional category to help make it easier for you to plan your meals out quickly and efficiently.

Note: This list also includes fat content of specific foods for those who are following our 28 day nutritional system. Continue Reading Easy Nutrition Category Food List »

3 Mass-Gain Recipes for the Alpha Athlete, Pt. 1

Intro by Coach B: Small guys gotta eat big to get big. One of the biggest hurdles hard-gainer guys face when it comes to gaining and retaining mass is simply eating enough without feeling like they’re going to explode like the Michelin tire man sitting on a pin.

Luckily for you guys, recipe-maker-extraordinaire and resident coach Tracy has drummed up a series of high calorie recipes that taste awesome, are easy to hork down and have macros designed for maximum performance and accumulation of lean mass—in other words, high carbohydrate, moderately-high protein and moderately-high fat.

Also, these recipes pack a nutritional wallop so they’re exponentially better than eating a bunch of crap like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s or another form of fast food that tends to make up the majority of the hard-gainer’s diet.

Without further ado, here’s the first three recipes. We will update the blog with many more recipes in future weeks so you guys have a large variety to choose from and can still be confident that you will get the calories in each day that you need.

Article Series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5

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There is No Secret Program

“Hey brah, what program are you on?” This is a common question I see asked of my athletes when they’re posting progress photos or just general updates on Facebook regarding the good results they’re getting while coaching with me.

Often these posts will be littered with friends and acquaintances asking the athlete to provide their “program” so that these people can benefit equally in their own fitness efforts (minus the investment, of course). Continue Reading There is No Secret Program »

Avoid Anyone Who Preaches Nutritional Extremism

The fitness industry has been in an uproar the past year about not only whether strict dieting is the best approach to health and fitness, but if it’s an approach that has any advantages or relevance at all. This is in large part thanks to a series of video logs put out by Dr. Layne Norton last year, in which he lambasted “fitness gurus” who preach about “clean eating” and overly-oppressive, dogmatic diets.

The videos were mainly geared toward those prepping for fitness competitions and some of the voodoo-type myths that persist in that particular area of nutrition. As a side note, and somewhat ironically, his own concepts of “metabolic damage” and “metabolic capacity” that were one of the main subjects of these videos have been argued to potentially fall into the very category he was criticizing, which can be read about in this article.

A few months after Dr. Norton’s video series came out, another game-changing event took place in the form of a retrospective analysis of a large collection of prior studies that had supported the idea of a narrow “window of opportunity” post-workout. Essentially during this “window,” an athlete could allegedly maximize muscle gain by ingesting fast-absorbing protein (like whey protein supplements) as quickly as possible following their workout.

After controlling for important variables, such as the total daily volume of protein ingested (something that hadn’t previously been equated in the test and control groups, nor had been compared between individual studies), it was shown that the statistically-significant results that had previously been attributed to this narrow window of opportunity were in fact, related to total protein intake rather than the immediacy of ingestion post workout. In other words, eating MORE protein in general each day is much more important when it comes to muscle gain than how quickly after your workout you eat that protein. Continue Reading Avoid Anyone Who Preaches Nutritional Extremism »

My Goals for 2012 and How to Make 2012 Your Most Effective Year in Fitness Ever

Here we are, well into the first week of 2012! 2011 was an amazing, transformative year for me, my business, and also for my clients. I was absolutely blown away by some of the results I’ve seen and the effort expended by the men and women I’ve had the privilege of working closely with, and I feel extremely lucky to be in this field and be able to help them achieve these successes each and every day.

Every year I make new goals for myself (and you should too). I like to include goals related to fitness, business and personal development, because I believe it’s important to strive for improvement in all three areas of the mind, body and finances. I also think it’s critical to let others know your goals because that helps hold you accountable, and accountability can mean the difference between yet another failed resolution and one that you can strike out as “Mission Accomplished!” In the spirit of accountability, I am going to include some of my own goals most important goals here. Continue Reading My Goals for 2012 and How to Make 2012 Your Most Effective Year in Fitness Ever »

Juice Fasting: Pointless Waste of Time and Money

This article may prove to be controversial, but this is a topic that I can’t stay quiet about any longer and it’s time to blow the lid off this thing. All over the nation, and in Orange County in particular, the trend of “juice fasting” is becoming mainstream and millions of dollars are being spent each year on detoxifying the body through a nutrition plan that consists of juices made from fruits and vegetables. These systems (at least in Orange County) typically cost between $50 and $300, depending on the company you go through and how many days you perform the cleanse for. It all sounds fine and dandy (albeit, a bit expensive) right? So what the heck’s my problem then?

My problem, simply put, is that juice fasting is completely pointless, and the industry behind it is a complete scam. First, let’s look at the claims made by typical juice fasting companies. Continue Reading Juice Fasting: Pointless Waste of Time and Money »

8 Weeks to RIPPED, Weeks #7 and #8

Well, the last two weeks of my cutting program have come and gone and the results are in—looks like I came very close to my desired goals and I am very happy with my progress over the past 20 months. While 20 months of hard training and dieting to gain 7 lbs of muscle may seem like an unfair trade-off, it’s actually a pretty good accomplishment for an advanced lifter like me who is approaching his fitness naturally (ie. without steroids). I think it’s clear at this point that I am knowledgable enough about my body that I can predict how certain situations will affect it, which is a very good skill to have for long-term weight management.

Coming out of this cut, I am leaner than I thought I would be, and yet at the same time have continued to have personal records on my lifts at the gym, which is great. Continue Reading 8 Weeks to RIPPED, Weeks #7 and #8 »

Why You Need to Cheat on Your Diet!

Having a proper nutrition plan is paramount to achieving your goals with regards to body composition. Too often I see people fool themselves into thinking that they can get by with fitness alone—unfortunately, without a proper diet to both fuel your workouts and to either create a caloric deficit or surplus, depending on your goals, you’re just not going to get to where you want to be, period. However, when striving to reduce your level of body fat, I think cheating on your diet is necessary. You probably think that I am out of my mind to suggest this, but unless you’re preparing for a specific event such as a modeling shoot or body building competition and need to get to single digit body fat numbers, I insist that my previous statement holds true, and I’m going to explain why.

When I say cheating is necessary, I am not talking about “cheat weekends” or even “cheat days.” Continue Reading Why You Need to Cheat on Your Diet! »

How to Eat Out at Restaurants Without Breaking Your Diet

One of the most difficult aspects of going on a stricter nutrition plan is that most people eat out frequently. Most simply accept this as meaning they’ll be forced to eat unhealthy, processed foods that are high in fat, sodium, sugars, etc and will have no way of tracking how many calories are being consumed. They accept that they will either have to forfeit eating out altogether (and consequently burn out on their diets quickly) or they’ll have free reign to eat whatever they want and chalk it up as a necessity since they were “eating out” and couldn’t help it. I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to both eat healthily and to track your consumption while at a restaurant, and with some willpower and forethought, can work fairly well in even a strict diet.

The first thing I will say is that you should NOT make eating out a regular occurrence. Continue Reading How to Eat Out at Restaurants Without Breaking Your Diet »

How to Find Time for Fitness, Pt. 1

One of the main complaints I hear when I talk to folks about living a healthy lifestyle is that they simply cannot find the time to work out—they are too busy to even get through all the necessary daily tasks, much less be able to dedicate an hour and a half to going to the gym for cosmetic purposes! Does this sound familiar to you?

The first thing that I suggest to people who complain about this is that they change the way that they perceive fitness. Fitness is NOT solely for superficial, cosmetic purposes, and I would even dare to argue that it’s not even the primary purpose. A proper fitness and nutrition plan is hands-down the most effective preventative medicine there is. So many problems occur later in life due to poor exercise and eating habits formed earlier in life. Diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and many other chronic illnesses that are commonly seen as the unavoidable reality of one’s elderly years are in fact COMPLETELY preventable! Continue Reading How to Find Time for Fitness, Pt. 1 »