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Three Tips for Getting Back on the Horse

Falling off track is understandable–it happens to the best of us. The truth is, being 100% perfect at all times isn’t a reasonable expectation.

We’re all human, and to expect yourself to never slip up is an exercise in futility.

So the question becomes not how you can avoid ever giving in to temptation, but how you can get back on track as quickly as possible and minimize the damage of said slip.

The truth is, a mistake in your nutrition or training made in isolation has almost no impact whatsoever on your long term results.

On the other hand, allowing a momentary lapse of motivation to become a whole day, week or month’s worth of poor decision making can absolutely undo a great amount of hard work.

Let’s take a look at some tried-and-true tips for ending the downward spiral before it starts. Continue Reading Three Tips for Getting Back on the Horse »

The Three Pillars of Body Transformation Success

When it comes to getting into amazing shape, there are three crucial factors that come into play.

Missing any of these three results in failure to achieve your goal 99 times out of 100.

And yet, take a look at nearly any effort you or anyone you know has made in the past to get into shape, and chances are that you were missing at least one of these important components.

The three factors are: fitness, nutrition and accountability. Let’s take a look at each individually, and what makes them so important. Continue Reading The Three Pillars of Body Transformation Success »

Consistency: The Most Important Factor in Long-Term Success

It’s day 1 of your new fitness journey.

You have your workout clothes all color-coordinated… your new playlist loaded into your phone… all your first week’s meals prepped and tupperwared.

You’re unstoppable, and visions of your goal body and what it will feel like to achieve it are filling your head 24-7.

You kill your first workout, and eat perfectly your first day. Second day, same thing.

After a couple of days, you can’t help but weigh yourself… and to your delighted surprise, you’ve dropped 4 pounds already! Suhweet!

This just motivates you more and you keep pushing onward… heck, at this pace you’re going to get to your goal a lot faster than you thought! Continue Reading Consistency: The Most Important Factor in Long-Term Success »

Developing a Success-Based Mindset

Your ability to successfully reach your fitness goals begins with an area that is commonly ignored completely–your state of mind.

In this article I’m going to outline the importance of aligning your beliefs and behaviors with your goals, as well as why it’s crucial to drop any excuses lingering in your mind as to why you can not stick to your commitments and achieve success.

Having a goal is great. Without one, you’re aimlessly wandering without direction, and can never reach a destination because there is no defined destination to reach.

Just having a goal is not enough though, and unfortunately this is where many people stop the process, and then wonder why they’re not able to achieve their goals. Continue Reading Developing a Success-Based Mindset »

Nutritional Success Starts in Your Kitchen

Imagine trying to quit smoking cigarettes while working in a convenience store that sells them right behind where you stand.

Or, imagine trying to overcome alcohol addiction while working as a bartender.

My point is, if you’re attempting to unlearn poor habits, nothing makes the process harder than being surrounded by temptations for sabotage.

So, if our goal is to eat better and control portions, one of the best ways we can ensure our success is to start in our kitchen and make sure it’s aligned with our goals.

If your goal is weight loss for example, it likely behooves you to get rid of the cookies, cakes and other treat foods that you would have a tendency to binge on–especially as your body rebels at first against the improvement of your diet and tapering down of calories. Continue Reading Nutritional Success Starts in Your Kitchen »

Do You Have the Social Support You Need to Succeed in Health and Fitness?

Name the biggest obstacle to the successful achievement of your health and fitness goals.

No, it’s not your genetics. Nope, not your level of knowledge.

It’s not your athletic ability, age, previous injuries, or any of the other factors you’re probably imagining.

Ironically, it’s usually something that initially masks itself as a resource for your success–your social support system.

Because most people aren’t aware of the potential negative effects of a suboptimal social support network, they aren’t looking for the clues that would otherwise help them avoid the downward spiral that causes them to repeatedly fail at the commitments they set for themselves. Continue Reading Do You Have the Social Support You Need to Succeed in Health and Fitness? »

Top 3 Things You Need to Lose Body Fat Now

Look, I get it. Getting motivated to stick to a weight loss plan is hard, and staying motivated as the weeks grind on is even harder.

Going down that path–fighting your body every step of the way as you push yourself further into  unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory–can seem so insurmountable that you find yourself thinking of reasons you shouldn’t do it before you’ve even begun the process.

In today’s post I am going to break this process down into components that are easier to wrap your head around, which will help you attain–and retain–the drive to keep pushing towards your goals, so you can get on the road to weight loss and finally reach the goal physique you’re looking for. Continue Reading Top 3 Things You Need to Lose Body Fat Now »

4 Reasons #TGTNFamily Kicks Serious Ass

When I first opened the doors to Training Ground TransformationNATION here in Palos Hills, I had no idea what to expect. After all, I had just moved from Southern California–where the weather never gets below 50 degrees, and the people are essentially the polar opposite of the typical “Mid-Westerner”–so I wasn’t really sure if I would click with the people who came in our doors as well as I had in Orange County.

It became apparent pretty quickly though… there was nothing to worry about because the people who have come to train with us here are–straight up–my JAM.

Don’t get me wrong… I will always have love for my TGOC family, and many of my athletes in California were with me since the days when I was training people in the pitch black of night–on the beach with no lights, getting kicked out in the middle of the workout by the park rangers–because I had no facility nor a proper place to rent space from.

There was even a period of time I had to train people for about two weeks in the parking lot of a busy movie theater because I had nowhere else to go with short notice… definitely rougher times. I met some of my favorite folks in the entire world through my training business in Orange County (who I still keep in contact with to this day), but it’s clear to me that Chicagoland is where I was meant to be, and where Training Ground was meant to be.

In addition to just being cool-ass people though, there are a few key reasons that TGTN athletes kick so much ass, and I want to touch on 4 of those today with you. Who knows; maybe you will vibe with the stuff I’m talking about and want to come check one of our programs out for yourself. Continue Reading 4 Reasons #TGTNFamily Kicks Serious Ass »

Dealing with the Unknown

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

The last few months have been a struggle for myself, and probably those close to me. I have been going through a hell and back with symptoms anywhere from PMS to IBS to depression and anxiety. Sounds like a party, huh? Not so much. It all started in mid February or so when I started my cut for my next planned, which is now postponed, bikini competition.

The first two weeks of my cut went great! I lost pounds,inches, and even BF, I was stoked! Ben and I went on a very strict, low calorie and carb diet with a refeed day everything 14 days. Sounded easy enough, right? Well, so it seemed… at first. The first week in was tough while we were still adjusting to our new eating habits, but it got easier as the ways went on and the closer to our refeed we got. We had our refeed day planned to the T. Continue Reading Dealing with the Unknown »

An Obstacle is Often an Unrecognized Opportunity

This is a guest article written by former Training Ground coach and NPC bikini competitor Kasia Harmata:

What would you do and how would you react to something you have no control over? When I started my official competition cut this February 2013, I was stoked to see my improvement that I have been working on very hard for the past few months. I knew that I would see all of the hard work once I got the extra fat off of my body.  My fear was never about not achieving my goals or hitting obstacles that would stop me. In my eyes, there are no obstacles-just excuses.

Ben and I wanted to try a different route this time around that would get me the most optimal results. It wasn’t going to be the easiest plan to follow, but I was determined to stick to it and get the body that I’ve always wanted. So, let me go back a little bit. Before I started my cut, I felt like a “bloated whale” as some of you have read on my Facebook , and couldn’t wait to decrease the amount of food I was taking in. Once I started my cut, I was in a different state of mind. Continue Reading An Obstacle is Often an Unrecognized Opportunity »