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The Three Pillars of Body Transformation Success

When it comes to getting into amazing shape, there are three crucial factors that come into play.

Missing any of these three results in failure to achieve your goal 99 times out of 100.

And yet, take a look at nearly any effort you or anyone you know has made in the past to get into shape, and chances are that you were missing at least one of these important components.

The three factors are: fitness, nutrition and accountability. Let’s take a look at each individually, and what makes them so important. Continue Reading The Three Pillars of Body Transformation Success »

Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Evie Hoppenrath

Evie is one of those clients that every coaching team loves having–not only does she follow advice to a T, but she pays it forward and helps others learn as well.

Many of our clients look to her for help with their nutrition because of how consistently and effectively she has adopted a weekly food-prep regimen. Each week, she shares her meals for the week with the group and encourages others to follow her lead and prep as well, and it’s amazing to see the way she helps motivate people.

That’s one of the coolest things about our gym community–that our awesome members take it upon themselves to help each other out. The value of the TGTNFamily is more than the sum of its parts for sure.

Seeing Evie’s transformation over the past year is no surprise, but is very inspiring. We asked her about her experience and what she’s learned, so be sure to check out her interview below! Continue Reading Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Evie Hoppenrath »

Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Amy Stroner

Amy is the definition of a busy woman. Between her demanding job as a doctor, to taking care of her family, to her dedicated martial arts training, Amy shows that it all can be done with the right mindset and learning to prioritize health and fitness.

It’s been wonderful to coach Amy for over a year now and see how her cross-training with us at TGTN has positively affected her martial arts training and injury rate.

A lot of times, recreational athletes (and even professional ones) sometimes forget the importance of strength training as it pertains to their chosen sport. Keeping yourself strong, flexible and improving body awareness goes a long way towards making one a better overall athlete. Continue Reading Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Amy Stroner »

Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Teresa Drelich

Teresa is one of our first athletes to come to TGTN when we opened in 2014. As a busy mother of three, she has a lot on her plate–but that hasn’t stopped her from making time for herself and setting an amazing example for her children about how important health is.

We wanted to share Teresa’s story because it’s super inspiring to see such a busy parent able to balance all the responsibilities on her plate and still commit to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for such a long time thus far… and certainly with no end in sight! Continue Reading Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Teresa Drelich »

4 Reasons #TGTNFamily Kicks Serious Ass

When I first opened the doors to Training Ground TransformationNATION here in Palos Hills, I had no idea what to expect. After all, I had just moved from Southern California–where the weather never gets below 50 degrees, and the people are essentially the polar opposite of the typical “Mid-Westerner”–so I wasn’t really sure if I would click with the people who came in our doors as well as I had in Orange County.

It became apparent pretty quickly though… there was nothing to worry about because the people who have come to train with us here are–straight up–my JAM.

Don’t get me wrong… I will always have love for my TGOC family, and many of my athletes in California were with me since the days when I was training people in the pitch black of night–on the beach with no lights, getting kicked out in the middle of the workout by the park rangers–because I had no facility nor a proper place to rent space from.

There was even a period of time I had to train people for about two weeks in the parking lot of a busy movie theater because I had nowhere else to go with short notice… definitely rougher times. I met some of my favorite folks in the entire world through my training business in Orange County (who I still keep in contact with to this day), but it’s clear to me that Chicagoland is where I was meant to be, and where Training Ground was meant to be.

In addition to just being cool-ass people though, there are a few key reasons that TGTN athletes kick so much ass, and I want to touch on 4 of those today with you. Who knows; maybe you will vibe with the stuff I’m talking about and want to come check one of our programs out for yourself. Continue Reading 4 Reasons #TGTNFamily Kicks Serious Ass »

Fitness and Weight Loss Facility in Palos Hills Raises Money for Local Resident in Need

Palos Hills, CA – October 4, 2014 – Training Ground TransformationNATION, a brand-new Palos Hills-based fitness facility dedicated to body transformations, weight loss and muscle gain, hosted the fundraising event “FitCAMP for a CAUSE” last weekend to raise money for A Walk for Wes, a local charitable foundation dedicated to raising money for the rehabilitation of Wesley Bobek, a young Polish-American immigrant without family in the US who was tragically paralyzed in an accident in 2012.

“Training Ground is dedicated to helping improve the lives of those in our community on a daily basis, and helping to raise money for a great cause that is close to home like this is is directly in line with our mission,” owner Ben Ballinger said. “I want to personally thank the incredible generosity of the folks who participated in our event, as well as the local businesses who donated time, money, products and services to this event that allowed us to raise over $1,000 for our cause.”

Training Ground TransformationNATION hosted the event, which involved an hour-long, intense circuit-style workout with weights, body weight exercises and a variety of athletic training equipment at their Palos Hills-based facility off of 103rd St and 87th Ave, last Saturday morning and had almost 40 people participate.

As a local business owner, Ben “Coach B” Ballinger and the team at Training Ground TransformationNATION are heavily involved in the community and frequently host fundraising events for local and national charities and causes. In 2013, they hosted several charity events, including a fundraiser for the Boston Marathon bombing incident as well as a 2-week charity fitness camp to help raise thousands of dollars worth of food, clothing and money for Colette’s Children’s Home of Huntington Beach to help support the women and children the charity served during the holiday season.

For more information, media inquiries or to make suggestions for future charitable events, please contact Ben Ballinger at 708-581-5173 or visit http://www.traininggroundtn.com.

What Makes Training Ground TransformationNATION Different?

I am getting really pumped up for the opening of my new and improved training facility, and I wanted to take some time to explain why exactly Training Ground TransformationNATION will be like no other gym or training experience in Chicagoland.

Note: Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for a limited time offer for membership rates!

Most importantly, all we will do are Transformations–we won’t cater to any other goals at this facility. This allows us to stick to what we do best and continue to hone our ability. This means we help overweight people get SHREDDED, and help skinny dudes get JACKED. That’s it.

TGTN is not going to be your typical gym with rows and rows of elliptical machines, treadmills and selectorized resistance training machines. Nor are we going to be anything like your average personal training studio with a bunch of prissy, useless equipment like bosu balls and 3lb pink dumbbells. Continue Reading What Makes Training Ground TransformationNATION Different? »

You Reached Your Goal—Now What?

So, you’ve reached your goal—now what? Do you go back to the life you lead before buckling down and doing what needed to be done to accomplish the goal you accomplished with such great desire? Or do you set yourself up to achieve something new, something more challenging, something that you know will make you a better person?

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve seen so many people reach their targeted goal “weight” and once they have gotten down to that specific number, they go out and celebrate—not by purchasing new, hot, sexy clothes—but by going to their favorite pizza place, getting a tub of their favorite ice cream, AND gorging at an all you can eat buffet.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I am all for leading a well-balanced lifestyle and enjoying food, but all in great timing of reaching the goal and making sure your old, unhealthy, habits get the best of you. Continue Reading You Reached Your Goal—Now What? »

Featured Athlete: From Party Girl to Bikini Bombshell

So, you decided to make a change and bail out on your social group and weekend festivities for a more fit and healthy life, huh? Welcome to the evil side (as I like to call it) because once you’re here-you’re here for good.  (Well for most of us that is).

When I was in college, like most college students, we partied til the morning sun, ate like crap, smoked, drank, and some even passed the line and did some drugs here or there (not me thankfully).  But for the most of us, those days are behind us and we have grown out of that lifestyle—but some of us are still raging all day every day.

When I made my switch over to the “dark side” I got a lot of shit from my “friends”. They went as far as calling me anorexic and seeing my new healthy and fit lifestyle as an obsessive eating and bodily disorder and wanted so badly to “save” me. They even set up an intervention type meeting! Continue Reading Featured Athlete: From Party Girl to Bikini Bombshell »

How to Build a Social Support Network

For those of you that don’t know, the other weekend I asked my girlfriend (and fellow Newport Beach fitness coach here at TGOC) Kasia to marry me. Thanks to my DASHING good looks and AMAZING personality, it was basically a rhetorical question… at least, that’s what my mom said so it must be true 😉

I’m very excited to make our relationship official, because Kasia is an amazing girl and has helped me in so many ways that I have lost count.

One of the things that I like most about us as a team is our ability to be there for one another when it comes to our goals and to provide a system of support to help the other stay on track.

It got me thinking about support systems and how critical they are when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Continue Reading How to Build a Social Support Network »