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The Three Pillars of Body Transformation Success

When it comes to getting into amazing shape, there are three crucial factors that come into play.

Missing any of these three results in failure to achieve your goal 99 times out of 100.

And yet, take a look at nearly any effort you or anyone you know has made in the past to get into shape, and chances are that you were missing at least one of these important components.

The three factors are: fitness, nutrition and accountability. Let’s take a look at each individually, and what makes them so important. Continue Reading The Three Pillars of Body Transformation Success »

Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Patty Hart

Patty is a busy mom who made a commitment to herself when she came to us to get in the best shape of her life. Like most people who set an ambitious fitness goal, at first she would at times question her ability to reach her goal, but with the help of the team here at TGTN, she gradually proved to herself what a strong, capable woman she is and that she can accomplish any goal she puts her mind to.

Patty is an amazing addition to the fitness family here and we are so proud of her dedication to herself and the amazing transformation she has seen. Not just on the outside, but the inside too, particularly with her ability to hold herself accountable to her nutrition and her belief in herself! Continue Reading Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Patty Hart »

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight With Your Training Program

Starting your own weight loss journey can be daunting–particularly when it’s not the first time you’ve (unsuccessfully) made the attempt.

Between signing up for that expensive gym membership, to getting yourself out of bed and to the gym each morning (or on the way home after a long day at work), to the boring, long sessions on the treadmill, it only adds insult to injury when all that effort is seemingly for nothing–when after days and days of hard work, you step on the scale and… nada.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few smart tweaks to your training, you can go from disappointed to delighted as you see the weight melt off your body. Continue Reading 3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight With Your Training Program »

Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Evie Hoppenrath

Evie is one of those clients that every coaching team loves having–not only does she follow advice to a T, but she pays it forward and helps others learn as well.

Many of our clients look to her for help with their nutrition because of how consistently and effectively she has adopted a weekly food-prep regimen. Each week, she shares her meals for the week with the group and encourages others to follow her lead and prep as well, and it’s amazing to see the way she helps motivate people.

That’s one of the coolest things about our gym community–that our awesome members take it upon themselves to help each other out. The value of the TGTNFamily is more than the sum of its parts for sure.

Seeing Evie’s transformation over the past year is no surprise, but is very inspiring. We asked her about her experience and what she’s learned, so be sure to check out her interview below! Continue Reading Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Evie Hoppenrath »

Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Amy Stroner

Amy is the definition of a busy woman. Between her demanding job as a doctor, to taking care of her family, to her dedicated martial arts training, Amy shows that it all can be done with the right mindset and learning to prioritize health and fitness.

It’s been wonderful to coach Amy for over a year now and see how her cross-training with us at TGTN has positively affected her martial arts training and injury rate.

A lot of times, recreational athletes (and even professional ones) sometimes forget the importance of strength training as it pertains to their chosen sport. Keeping yourself strong, flexible and improving body awareness goes a long way towards making one a better overall athlete. Continue Reading Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Amy Stroner »

Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Teresa Drelich

Teresa is one of our first athletes to come to TGTN when we opened in 2014. As a busy mother of three, she has a lot on her plate–but that hasn’t stopped her from making time for herself and setting an amazing example for her children about how important health is.

We wanted to share Teresa’s story because it’s super inspiring to see such a busy parent able to balance all the responsibilities on her plate and still commit to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for such a long time thus far… and certainly with no end in sight! Continue Reading Featured #TGTNFamily Athlete: Teresa Drelich »