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4 Elements of Basic Nutrition

Before you can run, you must walk. Likewise, before you can optimize and perfect your diet, you must fully understand the basic elements of nutrition and how they affect your health and results.

The good news is that basic nutrition is both simple and effective. It’s true that the fitness industry has hopelessly over-complicated nutrition in an effort to justify product differentiation (e.g. “my nutrition system is SO effective because it covers these 3 ‘secret tricks’ that nobody else knows!!!”) that many people feel like they need a master’s degree just to take care of themselves at a basic level.

This is not the case. The fact is I can teach you everything you need to know to cover basic nutrition in about 10 minutes, which I am going to do with this very article. Continue Reading 4 Elements of Basic Nutrition »

Troubleshooting Weight Loss, Pt. 3

In part 1 we talked about how it’s crucial to actually be in a calorie deficit in order to see weight loss of any sort, and why many people are unknowingly not eating fewer calories than they burn each day.

In part 2, we talked about the concept of “sneaking calories”, which really is just an adjunct to part 1 because it allows people to inadvertently overeat calories, erasing any deficit they had planned for.

There are times where you’re doing everything correctly, working out hard and yet, the scale doesn’t budge, or worse yet, goes UP… what is the deal??? Continue Reading Troubleshooting Weight Loss, Pt. 3 »

Hydration’s Effect on Fat Loss and What Drinks to Avoid

In week 1, we talked about chewing your food slowly and stopping your meal when you’re 80% full. In week 2, we reviewed the crucial role of protein, what the best sources are and how much to eat per day. In week 3, we talked about how many vegetables and fruits we should be eating and why. Week 4’s subject matter was all about healthy fats and why they are so important to our health and physique. Last week, we reviewed the 5th habit regarding proper carbohydrate intake and timing.

So this brings us to our 6th and final week, where I am going to discuss the final habit that ties everything up. And that is the habit of drinking enough zero-calorie fluids each day.

Yeah yeah, but you “already drink PLENTY of water”, right? I can’t tell you how many times I hear this when I ask a new athlete about their liquid intake. Actually, I can—about 100% of the time. Continue Reading Hydration’s Effect on Fat Loss and What Drinks to Avoid »

4 Steps to Lose Your “Pooch”

Who likes a pooch? No, I’m not referring to your family pet… I’m talking about the #1 most-complained-about area on a woman’s body, the dreaded flesh fanny pack. Even with a toned, leaned-out body, you might feel like your figure isn’t going to reach that next level of aesthetic perfection without a flat, flab-free stomach.

As an area of the female body that contains the highest concentration of “stubborn fat” cells and often being the first place a woman stores fat and the last place she burns it, the lower abdomen can be a frustrating headache to get to the desired condition, or even prove itself to be completely unattainable—until now that is! If you’ve gotten yourself into good shape but still can’t seem to get rid of that last problem area, you’ll want to check out these time-proven tips that I and other health professionals use with our personal training clients! Continue Reading 4 Steps to Lose Your “Pooch” »

Ben’s 4th of July Survival Guide, Pt. 1

Summer has hit us, which means warm weather, lots of time at the beach and fun barbecues—particularly the ones we have on the 4th of July. Unfortunately, for most of us, barbeques tend to mean a lot of unhealthy food and lots of alcohol—definitely not a recipe for health! While we believe it’s perfectly reasonable to let loose occasionally, if you get a little bit creative you can actually have a very healthy holiday without sacrificing the taste or enjoyment that comes with the traditional gut-buster-fest.

Try substituting these healthy alternatives for common barbecue items:

Instead of eating Doritos, Ruffles or other fat and sodium-laden chips with high-fat bean or cheese dips, try Trader Joe’s Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips with hummus in one of the wide variety of flavors available. Continue Reading Ben’s 4th of July Survival Guide, Pt. 1 »

Essentials of Nutrition Series: Water

Water, the “elixir of life,” makes up about 75% of our bodies and is critical to our survival. Our muscles, brain, blood, lymphatic tissues, joints, etc. are very much dependent on ample amounts of water to keep them operating smoothly. Water regulates our body temperature, keeps our skin healthy and helps with digestion. To top it off, water aids in weight loss.

Despite these countless benefits, chronic dehydration is quite common in today’s society. Most people don’t drink nearly enough water, yet ironically are more concerned with stopping water retention (water weight that is under the skin, causing a bloated appearance) than getting the appropriate amount of fluid each day. Yet, the two are not mutually exclusive, and with a closer look we can identify how and why you can accomplish a large part of your aesthetic and health goals simultaneously, simply by drinking more water. Continue Reading Essentials of Nutrition Series: Water »