Top 3 Things You Need to Lose Body Fat Now

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Look, I get it. Getting motivated to stick to a weight loss plan is hard, and staying motivated as the weeks grind on is even harder.

Going down that path–fighting your body every step of the way as you push yourself further into  unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory–can seem so insurmountable that you find yourself thinking of reasons you shouldn’t do it before you’ve even begun the process.

In today’s post I am going to break this process down into components that are easier to wrap your head around, which will help you attain–and retain–the drive to keep pushing towards your goals, so you can get on the road to weight loss and finally reach the goal physique you’re looking for.

Acknowledging the Pain

Before we get into what needs to be done, I want you to take a minute to think about what your individual reasons are for wanting to lose weight.

Maybe it’s for your children, who you not only want to be there for throughout their lives, but also to whom you want to provide an example of healthy living so that they don’t have to go through the same struggles you’ve had with your weight.

Or maybe it’s just the lack of self-confidence that finds a way to taint every area of your life, from work, to your social life, to perhaps most importantly, your relationship with your significant other.

After all, it’s hard to have a healthy relationship if we don’t feel as good about ourselves as we should.

Whatever your reason is–your pain–it’s important that you understand this reason from the outset so you know what your reasons are for embarking on this weight loss journey in the first place.

Watch the short video below so you can learn the three critical factors of fat loss and three actions you can implement right now to get started on attaining the physique of your dreams.

Weight Loss Tip 1: You Need Accountability

The bottom line is, having a gym membership just isn’t enough. If you have to rely on yourself only to get to the gym and to work out properly when you’re there, chances are you’re not going to do it.

If you were going to do it, you already would be doing it and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

This is where accountability comes in, which is why having a coach (or a team of coaches in our case) to ensure you’re working out to the best of your ability level, and a community tightly-knit athletes with similar goals who will notice if you’re not making it to your workouts is so critical for your success.

Instead of nobody being the wiser when you decide to sleep in late before work and then watch the Blackhawks game after work instead of fitting a workout in like you had planned, you’ll know that your self-sabotage will be noticed and called out.

Just knowing this will help you make the right choices more often when it comes to staying consistent with workout attendance.

Take-away: find a gym that provides you with the accountability you need to stay consistent with your workouts so you don’t drop off over and over again.

weight loss results from Palos Hills gym client   weight loss results from Palos Hills gym client

Weight Loss Tip 2: No Weight Training = No Results

Most people think of treadmills, ellipticals and–if they’re feeling particularly adventurous–maybe some outdoor jogging or stair running at the local high school stadium when they start planning how they’re going to lose the pounds.

Your real goal is not to just lose weight in general though, it’s to specifically lose body fat.

I mean, you don’t want to look just as out of shape as now, but a little smaller, or be at the same risk for diseases due to having the same high body fat percentage that you had at a heavier weight either I assume.

What we’re really trying to do is maintain our muscle mass while losing weight in the form of body fat.

Lifting weights when your body is in a state of fat loss is precisely what prevents your body from cannibalizing your muscles for energy.

If all you do is cardio exercise, you miss out on this crucial aspect of weight loss, and any weight you lose is bound to be at least as much muscle as fat. No bueno!

Take-away: take part in a workout program that incorporates weight lifting as a foundational aspect so you can maintain your muscle and drop body fat instead.

weight loss results from Palos Hills gym coach   weight loss results from Palos Hills gym client

Weight Loss Tip 3: Focus on Nutrition

All the working out in the world will not help you lose weight unless you’re eating at the correct calorie deficit.

Just eating as little as possible won’t work, nor will eating “when you’re hungry” because there is no strategy to that, and typically your body will demand more food if you work out more, in an effort to establish equilibrium.

Weight loss and gain is a byproduct of one thing only: the variation in the quantity of calories that enter your body (through food and drink), and the quantity of calories that exit your body to be used for energy (via many factors including but not limited to: your metabolism, exercise activity and daily lifestyle).

As you can imagine, if you’re not focused on how many calories you’re taking in per day, then you have no way of managing your results (or lack thereof).

You can’t tweak the amounts of something that you’re oblivious to, right?

Take-away: get help with establishing a proper diet that compliments your training program to help you lose weight at a predictable, optimal rate.

Press play on the video below to check out this awesome testimonial from one of our clients who lost over 30 lbs in just 12 weeks by focusing on the three components above!

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