Does Weight Training Make Women Bulky? Learn the Truth Now

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If you’ve read any women’s fitness magazines or browsed any fitness websites, you’ve undoubtedly seen the following claims:

“Women shouldn’t lift weights over 3 lbs.”

“You want to lift light weights to lengthen and tone your muscles; heavy weights will make your muscles bulky.”

And so on. So it’s no wonder that one of the biggest fears most women have when they start a fitness regimen, is that they’re going to gain too much bulk and end up looking like a professional bodybuilder if they spend too much time in the weight room.

Thus, many of them stick to cardio and low-impact fitness programs like pilates and yoga. The idea being that such exercise will prevent a bulky physique, while simultaneously carving out muscle definition and getting rid of body fat.

But women who are looking to make changes to their bodies–namely fat loss and toning–find that they’re unable to get the results they want with low-impact exercise alone.

What Does Bulky Really Mean?

Before we can address the question of whether or not weights make a woman bulky, we must define what “bulky” means.

In my experience, when women use the term, they’re referring to an overly-muscular appearance, either combined with a very lean physique (e.g. female bodybuilder), or with a physique carrying more body fat (sort of like a female version of a World’s Strongest Man competitor).

So to most, bulky simply means too big (mainly with muscle mass).

So, can a Women Get Bulky with Weight Training?

I have some good news: it’s impossible for you to look like a female body builder or World’s Strongest (wo)Man competitor without taking lots of steroids and growth hormone.

An easy way to tell? Look at their faces.

Women on steroids/hgh develop masculine features, such as heavier-set jaw and brow lines, bigger noses, etc. Women take the drugs because without them, they have none of the hormones needed to build large amounts of muscle.

Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for muscle mass gain, and the average woman has about 1/10th the amount of the average man.

Now think about that for a second… the average man. The average man is NOT big and muscular… in fact many men spend their entire adult lives in the gym trying to get bigger and more muscular, and many fail. And that’s with 10 times the testosterone you have in your body aiding them!

Coach Kasia Lifting Heavy

Coach Kasia has focused on lifting and increasing her strength for the last 5 years and has maintained a body weight of 120lbs, while competing in bikini fitness competitions

Ok, so Weights Won’t Make Me Bulky… But do I Need Them?

Here’s one of the biggest secrets to transforming your body–weight training is not just helpful, it’s crucial to your success!

Research has shown that a training program that incorporates resistance (weight) training is more effective than a cardio-only approach.

Not only does it help reduce body fat levels at a faster rate (score!), but it’s also the only fitness method that will prevent muscle loss as you’re losing weight.

Without preserving your lean (muscle) mass, you’re going to shrink as you lose weight, but not gain any of the “toned” definition you’re looking for. Your skin will look saggy, your arms and legs will look puny and you’ll feel weak and unhealthy.

In fact, one of the main reasons the transformations our athletes achieve are so amazing is because we include weight training in every workout session.

So, if you’re not currently including any weight training in your workout program out of fear of becoming bulky, drop that fear like a bad habit and start lifting–heavy!

You’re going to see your body fat melt away and your sexy, feminine muscle tone will be revealed, just like you’ve always wanted.

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